Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Episode 35.8

I might as well get to the last news update about Jessica before not having to talk about her in the future with these introductions. But I think that I do have something special planned instead starting with this season’s posts that I can keep doing in the future. The update said that this Cape native was voted out in the episode. The parents will have to find someone else to root for. They said that they would interview her, but they didn’t so it might show up in the future. Or not.

Things could be changing in these posts in the future. Not too much should change, but knowing that I have to work on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. I’ll try to watch a recording of the show that night if I can. You might not see that day’s episode until the Sunday afterwards. Since Advent won’t be starting the week after Thanksgiving this year, you won’t see Thursday posts right away. That’s why I can’t just post this a week late like last year. My new job is a bit confusing right now. If all goes well, I’ll be back before the recording starts. We’ll see what happens in case next week’s post is late. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, the tribe gets back from tribal council and talk about Jessica’s blindside. Lauren gets an advantage in the game where she gets to save a vote for later. She has to be stealth about it or it could blow up her whole game.

In the second segment of the show, we get to the reward challenge where the winning team gets a trip to a private island and they get food. The sit-out wins automatically. That’s better than losing by sitting-out, but still kind of dumb. The blue team wins, but they get a reward where the winners don’t all get to enjoy a meal and talk to each other together. They get a meal where they eat alone for as long as they want to. I guess they got tired of seeing the same old same old.

In the third segment of the show, Joe picks Devon to go first. JP goes second and it seems like there is a message on the tray. Cole goes third. He sees the clue and tries to hide it. Chrissy still finds it when she goes next. Ryan finds it and is smart enough to hide the plate. Joe goes last and knows nothing about the clue. Now for the crazy scene that they promised us: the contestants looking for the idol buried under the flag. They need to stop putting idols in places like that. Ryan finds the idol and Chrissy wants to cover it back up. I like Ryan. He’s like a likable Brian Heidk. People think that Cole has the idol now. Doesn’t someone have another idol, though?

In the fourth segment of the show, we get straight into the immunity challenge. The contestants have to balance a statue on a pole. Well, at least it isn’t balls again, but there are still tons of ways to think of dirty ways of saying how people can handle themselves well with poles. The men don’t seem to handle themselves on the polls well, but the women know how to work with poles. I love how all this dramatic music plays and it is only ten minutes that have passed. Cole ends up winning the challenge like he was wanting to. What’s the next plan then? Chrissy thinks that it will be another healer.

In the fifth segment of the show, Cole wants to rally the healers together. I thought that they were. The problem is that the other two tribes outnumber them. What they should do is try to work on divisions between them. Would the hustlers abandon the heroes? The talk of voting off Ben is brought forth and Ben overhears this. Ryan thinks that it’s the wrong time to do that. Joe and Ben have a bit of a fight of some sort, although it might not have been that bad. Lauren tells Ben about her advantage. Why can’t she just wait? That sounds like a good idea. Ben approaches Mike with an idea to vote with him. Will this work? I guess we’ll see what happens.

We get to tribal council next. Joe talks about how nervous he is and that he thinks that Ben is controlling the game. We get into the fight that they had earlier over whether or not he swore on the marines. The dynamics of the merged tribe is brought up as people discuss who should be targeted. Ben even decides to apologize over the fight, even though it was probably Joe’s fault. Lauren takes the extra vote now, which seems a bit dumb. The vote seems a bit scattered. This leads to a tie and a revote. But will people notice that a vote is missing? And can Lauren vote at the revote? I’m confused there. Desi is voted out and I just now realized that Jessica isn’t on the jury.

On the next Survivor, Lauren had the advantage now and Ryan has to blab about his idol for some dumb reason. Why would he do that? Why would anyone do that? I just don’t get it. Keep an idol to yourself. Heck, I can still get annoyed that we know in addition to the player who found it.

Total confessional count: Desi- 8, Mike- 9, Ben- 21, JP- 5, Chrissy- 14, Cole- 15, Joe- 17, Ashley- 11, Devon- 11, Lauren- 15, Ryan- 24.

New confessionals this episode: Mike- 1, Ben- 6, JP- 1, Chrissy- 2, Cole- 4, Joe- 4, Ashley- 0, Devon- 1, Lauren- 2, Ryan- 3, Desi- 1.

Desi had only one new confessional this episode. She ties with Mike, JP, and Devon. The only person lower is Ashley with none. Everyone else is higher with Ben as the highest with six. In terms of total confessionals, Desi had eight. The only person lower is JP with five. Everyone else is higher with Ryan as the highest with twenty-four. Ben is second highest with twenty-one. Joe is third highest with seventeen confessionals. Not sure what to make of all these numbers. I won’t know what all is happening next week, as stated earlier. I hope that I can post the episode on time as I want to, otherwise you’ll have to wait until Sunday for me to have it ready. Have a happy Thanksgiving next week to everyone. Hope I can be back as normal. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Episode 35.7

I don’t know who all I know that read this blog and who among them would be getting me a present this Christmas. I would like to watch Survivor: Gabon again and I’d only want to do that if I had it on DVD. I would also want Survivor: Blood versus Water on DVD, but I don’t know if it is out yet. They promoted that it would be out, but it isn’t. Not last I checked, at least. But what if I get them both at once? That wouldn’t be a problem for me, but which season would I blog about first?

I would have to wonder if what I do with these two seasons would affect other past seasons that I could blog about in the future. Gabon happened before Blood versus Water so it would make sense to put it first. Plus, I have already blogged about Blood versus Water. But, maybe Blood versus Water should be first since I have wanted it on DVD for longer than I wanted Gabon. I’d still keep your eyes out for posts on Sundays and Fridays in the future, but only if you know that I have a season to watch for the first time on DVD. If I watch it again on DVD (which I probably will), you won't see those updates on a time other than Wednesday unless the time this airs changes.

Jessica’s update on the news mentions her immunity wins and what happened with Cole. They mention the upcoming merge and what all can change. They don’t seem to do too much on these updates and they only say what brief recaps are needed each time on these players. I could probably do better updates in the future should I want to.

I had an interesting dream about Survivor that involved characters from The Flash. It was said to be the season filmed after Kaoh Rong (making it Cambodia) only it featured Cisco and Barry Allen. A challenge producer was there with Barry and thought that there could be some sort of cheating going on that was so severe, it would result in the season in progress being cancelled and scrapped.

In the dream, I wondered in my mind if a speedster like Barry Allen could run at a normal human speed or if it was only possible for him to run at superhuman speeds. (Does anyone know the answer to the question? I have not seen Barry Allen or any speedster on the show run at a normal speed when they had access to powers.) Barry, who arrived at a challenge before Cisco, showed secret puzzles being shown in a booth and the producer proved that cheating had gone on and that Koah Rong would be aired in the fall and they’d make a new season to air in the spring to replace this one.

There were problems with the internet where I lived which can cause problems with my job. I need to access the internet and get an email to see what I have to do each day. What’s interesting is that this is a company based in Iowa and I don’t live there or near there. I haven’t been to Iowa all year. I do have another job besides that. As for the internet problems, they seemed to have gone away for now. I don’t know what caused them. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, we are at Soko after the tribal council. Chrissy likes her chances at the game thus far. Back at the red tribe, did Jessica take off her top for a bit? I mean, they discuss strategy and how they feel like they are in the lead. Ashley complains on her tribe as they eat sugar for breakfast and feel that they need food. Is there going to be a medical evacuation? That’s where the edit seems to be going, but that isn’t always trustworthy. We then get to the merge. Only there is something set up where they are.

In the second segment of the show, we learn that there is a merge feast courtesy of Outback Steakhouse instead of the usual merge feast. I haven’t ever been there. If they have steak, it is probably a good place. But why not go to Applebee’s instead? Jessica gets a majority of people to join her tribe. There are a lot of people who reconnect and meet each other with different things going on.

In the third segment of the show, what will happen with the three tribe divide? Will the heroes and hustlers team up against the healers? I guess that we will figure out what will happen later as time goes by. I can’t tell much what is going on with this so we might find out more later. Jessica, as always, is concerned about Cole. Why did Mike think that no one else is playing the game but him? He has to make sure that they know what is happening.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. It has balls in it as expected. They have to keep the balls spinning. You spin me right round baby right round. Whoever has yellow might be the winner of this. Ryan is the first out of the challenge. Different people fall out including the yellow person. Guess I was wrong. Desi and Ashley are the two people who know how to keep balls moving. For some reason, Jeff points out how Ryan failed at the challenge. Desi wins the challenge when it comes down to the last stage. I wonder if this would be easy if they didn’t have to move the ball around. Ryan thinks that they should take out a threat and hopefully they don’t realize that he’s one.

In the fifth segment of the show, there is odd animal imagery of some sort for some reason. Cole thinks that he is the target going into the vote. Cole wants to apologize to Ben for the food situation. Why does Ben have the huge uptick in airtime? Cole blabs to Joe about the alliance he thinks is going on, but Joe thinks that Ben shouldn’t be trusted. People want to vote out Chrissy. Who is Ben with? One side wants to target either Joe or Cole while not knowing who could have an idol. Even Jessica could be a target. What is going on? I guess we’ll find out pretty soon.

At tribal council, we get to the last people in the game lighting their torches. People talk about the new tribe dynamics. Everyone on the tribe is concerned that they will be voted out next. Joe, continuing his crazy ways, shows his idol to everyone. Tribal council is like sex: you want protection when you go into it or unexpected things could happen. Also like sex, you have to know when to use the protection that you have and when you don’t need it. The votes are cast. Joe plays his idol on himself. Jessica is voted out of the game. I guess that I won’t see her on the news again after tonight.

On the next Survivor, the future looks grim for the healers and an idol hunt gets very crazy.  I hope that there aren’t any explosions that they refuse to do again. I might have to do a post about it. Also, Jessica, the biggest blindside of your life might not happen as long as you are still a virgin. You better hope your partner uses a condom. I don’t know if I want her to wind up with Cole or not. She’d be better off with a smarter person. But I honestly see no reason why she shouldn’t be with him. I kind of lost focus there for a bit, didn’t I? Well, that's bound to happen with me.

Total confessional count: Jessica- 15, Cole- 11, Joe- 13, Ashley- 11, Devon- 10, Lauren- 13, Ryan- 21, Desi- 7, Mike- 8, Ben- 15, JP- 4, Chrissy- 12.

New confessionals this episode: Cole- 5, Joe- 2, Ashley- 1, Devon- 3, Lauren- 2, Ryan- 3, Desi- 0, Mike- 3, Ben- 6, JP- 0, Chrissy- 3, Jessica- 3.

In terms of total confessionals, Jessica had fifteen, the same number as Ben. The only person higher than them is Ryan with twenty-one. JP is the lowest with four. In terms of confessionals for this episode, Jessica had three which is the same number as Chrissy, Devon, Ryan, and Mike. The only people higher than them are Cole and Ben with Ben as the highest with six. It looks like he might be more important to this season than we were lead to believe earlier. The lowest this episode are JP and Desi with no new confessionals. That’s a bad sign for Desi since she won immunity. It’s still a bad sign for JP who has no real impact on the game thus far. I don’t know who to look out for, but it is probably Ryan that they want us to care about most. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Episode 35.6

With my new job, I have had to stop watching the late night shows that I would normally watch. Now this only affects Tuesdays and Thursdays at the moment, so I can watch what I normally watch then. I don’t always late night shows anyways. Nor do I watch the same late night shows. In addition to my local news (which is one of my CBS affiliates most of the time), I typically watch Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Late Late Show with James Corden. Sometimes I watch The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon or The Late Show with Stephen Colbert instead of Jimmy Kimmel. Sometimes I watch Nightline instead of James Corden. I also watch reruns of Modern Family whenever I want to. There might be other shows that I’ll get into when I’m done with my late night work.

I saw Jessica on the news again. They mention how her tribes keep winning immunity. She’ll have to go to tribal council eventually. They also give a preview of the medical problems that Cole might have. Was Cole a healer? I already forget. I think that he was so this would fit with my prediction of what ironic thing could happen this season.

SPOILER! I was looking up information regarding Survivor 36 just to make sure that it would be airing in the spring. I didn’t look up too much about it, but did learn that the name for the season is apparently Ghost Island. There might also be some season in Belize that will happen with some returning players like Jeremy from Cagayan. If I get a facebook notification from facebook that says it is the first time that a friend of mine on facebook who is a Survivor contestant has posted in a while, then I can guess that they were probably gone filming a new Survivor season. I’ll post who it is, but only in a spoiler section like this so you can ignore it if you don’t like spoilers or want to know any. END SPOILER.

Planned new programming tonight on at least two network (CBS is one of them) are not airing planned new episodes that they were going to air. This is because of game seven of the World Series being at the same time. This new episode will air, but the things after it won’t. I won’t know if they are rerunning episodes I haven’t seen. I missed some due to not being able to record shows on my laptop and not caring enough about others to record them on tape. I’ve also missed a lot of NBC this season due to the network not coming in. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, they bring up that Cole couldn’t hide his hunger in the recap. Ali is upset at Ryan over the vote. This may have been Ryan’s first mistake, but one that was unavoidable since Chrissy would be mad at him in an alternate reality. The fight is a bit confusing. He wants to cut her loose although now that this fight happened. Mike catches fish on his tribe. Cole is criticized for eating too much. But does he need to for some reason?

In the second segment of the show, we get to the reward challenge. They have to transfer a buoy and then hit targets. I already know that the red tribe either doesn’t come in first or probably doesn’t win the challenge period. Or the food probably that Cole has is a red herring to his actual problem. The yellow tribe comes in first followed shortly after by the red tribe. JP gets a random confessional for some odd reason.

In the third segment of the show, Ryan talks about how great JP is. Why is he suddenly getting airtime? Maybe he’ll have more of an impact on the game than his early edit would have us believe. Why does Ryan think that the merge will happen soon? I guess that it could, now that I count people again. There might be another look for a hidden immunity idol, this time at the blue tribe. There are two tribes now talking about who to vote out. But will either of them get their wish?

Joe finds a clue to the idol and wants to get rid of the clue. But how could he do that? He waits until the cover of nightfall to look for the idol. It seems like a good idea, but how would you see? He finds another idol. Here’s hoping that he gets blindsided.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to Yawa. The weird thing with Cole happens. Mike and Jessica decide to take care of him. This makes her realize that she doesn’t want to play without him. Only one tribe member missed the amount. This makes people want to get rid of Cole. This is Ben who is in the cowboy hat all the time.

We then get to the immunity challenge. It seems like they repurposed an individual challenge to be a tribal one. But will it be as hard as how we see it the other way? The yellow tribe is first one and the blue tribe falls out too. The red tribe was close to a win before they had to reset as well. These word stacks are wibbly wobbly. The red tribe comes in first due to a great strategy. The blue tribe comes in second after the yellow tribe drops again. Ali is concerned that she might be the target, even though it might be JP.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to the Soko tribe after their loss. JP thinks that Ali should be voted out. But Ryan wants to get rid of JP. But this could be a mistake to get rid of him in case there isn’t a merge like Ryan thinks. Ali wants to find her crack. I can already imagine how perverts have taken that line already. Chrissy doesn’t think that she can trust Ali.

If Ryan plays his cards right, he can keep Ali on his side, stay aligned with Chrissy, and be right about the merge coming making a JP vote off worth it. We get to tribal council and I’m pretty sure I already know that JP will be voted out due to the spike in his airtime, but this show can be surprising at times, even at the cost of making us know what happened. JP is smart by trying to deflect himself by downplaying how strong he is. But is it worth it? After the votes are cast, Ali is voted out, so thanks for misleading me. I guess Ryan thought that he was better off without her. In fact, his mind might have been made up after the last vote.

On the next episode of Survivor, there is a merge after all. We don’t know who the target is but a whole lot of things could be messed up. We never went from three to three to one before. How many ways are there to do a swap or two during a season? I need to figure out where to rank the swap for the future. I haven’t worked on that yet.

Total confessional count: Lauren- 11, Ryan- 18, Desi- 7, Mike- 5, Ben- 9, Ali- 15, JP- 4, Chrissy- 9, Jessica- 12, Cole- 6, Joe- 11, Ashley- 10, Devon- 7.

New confessionals this episode: Devon- 1, Lauren- 1, Ryan- 4, Desi- 1, Mike-2, Ben- 1, Ali- 3, JP- 2, Chrissy- 2, Jessica- 1, Cole- 1, Joe- 1, Ashley- 1.

Ali had three confessionals this episode. The only person higher than her is Ryan with four. Mike, JP, and Chrissy all have two. Everyone else had just one confessional this episode. At least there were none without a confessional. Ali was at fifteen total confessionals. The only person higher than her is Ryan with eighteen. Everyone else is lower with JP as the lowest with four. But he does have a slight uptick in his game so he might not be as irrelevant as the confessional count might have us believe.

I think that I realize that Ryan was certain to leave tribal council with two allies and he had the least to lose by picking off Ali. But keeping JP could come back to bit him. This looks like Ryan’s game to lose right now so we’ll see what ends up happening there. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Episode 35.5

Well, if you read this post last week, you might have been wondering what would happen with my laptop. Well, I am glad to say that it is working well again. This has lead me to save some of what was meant for the last post being added to this post. Enjoy this somewhat outdated paragraph over my local news about Jessica that would have been after the third episode this season.

Jessica was on the news again as they focused on what little has been shown about her game thus far. They did have more to her story and showmance with Cole. We do get to see more of her as time goes by and I can mention anything in these posts that I missed in old posts. I do like these stories although they seem like CBS self promotion and I don’t know if they require local news channels to air these specials or not as this hasn’t happened before to my knowledge. I might have to check my other CBS affiliate more in the future should people from that area be on the show.

I had a dream about a challenge from Survivor Borneo. It was the last immunity challenge between the two tribes. The dream had Rudy competing in the challenge and the Tagi tribe barely lost instead of what actually happened where they barely won because they could sit him out despite the lack of an advantage in numbers over the other tribe. I wonder how different the game could have been if Tagi had lost that challenge. But it could have been an even better game. We’ll never know for sure unless someone can prove the existence of then access the multiverse. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, we get back to the tribe after the tribal council. I hope that I would be crazy and smart if I played Survivor. If I wasn’t smart, then at least I’d be one of the things. Ben freaks out over bamboo popping on the first. Ben doesn’t like sudden, load noises. Who would? At least he isn’t hurt like the last person I remember going into the water after something happened with the fire. Don’t get into child porn, Ben. In fact, no one should do that. I wonder if this segment on Ben might be foreshadowing a big role for him throughout the game.

In the second segment of the show, we get to a reward challenge. Maybe I should take this as a break to get my supper ready. I’m going with simple leftovers for supper. I typically only do that for lunch unless there’s a lot of leftovers, but it makes sense to have something it takes a while to make when I’m trying to watch and blog about something. The second place team gets a simple reward as people worm their way through the challenge. The yellow tribe loses since Ryan struggled too much in the challenge.

In the third segment of the show, Desi on the blue tribe talks about coming in first place in the challenge that gave them a win for the time. Devon and Ashley try to get Desi away from Joe’s side so that they don’t go to rocks. Ryan talks about doing nothing in the challenge and takes responsibility for the loss. I still don’t know what to make of Ryan right now. He could be in it for the long haul, but I don’t know yet if he will win or be an obstacle the winner has to overcome. But I do see him making the endgame right now. Roark tries to find allies on her new tribe. She wants to join Ali and they start scheming. Ryan feels that he is in the middle of two potential alliances.

Lauren continues to vent about various tribe members in her confessionals. Jessica wants to form more of a bond with Mike. She gets him to do all the work digging for an idol while she just stands around and does nothing. It’s kind of funny in a way. She doesn’t get the idol so that’s more interesting. She should have gone out on her own and kept it to herself. Now someone else has the idol instead of her.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. It seems to be part Pinko like we’ve seen before. I predict that the red tribe will lose. What’s interesting is that the two people who struggled in the last challenge (Mike and Ryan) are sitting out this one. I do wonder why they showed Jeff encouraging Mike during the reward challenge instead of criticizing his poor challenge performance. So maybe Mike will have a redemption arc of some sort. The red tribe (Yawa) comes in first. The blue tribe (Yuvu) comes in second after the yellow tribe struggles based on the fact that only one person could do that last stage. Roark thinks that Chrissy needs to go after Chrissy’s poor performance.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to the Soko tribe after their loss. Chrissy feels like she is in danger of the vote. She wants to talk to Roark and create an all girls alliance. Only this is just a ruse. But it doesn’t seem like Roark was in on it. Now Chrissy makes it seem like the all girls alliance was Roark’s idea. At least she is doing something since she knows she is in danger. Ryan need to figure out which side to join: Chrissy’s or Ali’s. We then get to tribal council next.  It seems like there is a catty cat fight between Chrissy and Roark. There are blurred lines. I haven’t heard that song. The votes are cast and I have no idea what might be happening. It seems like it will be either one person or another. Roark is voted out. L Who voted against her? The numbers don’t add up.

On the next Survivor, Ryan faces the fallout of the vote and it seems that Cole might have some sort of medical problem. But is it just a fake out of some sort? I guess that we will see what happens later and how much the promo could be misleading us on the medical problem.

Total confessional count: JP- 2, Chrissy- 7, Jessica- 11, Roark- 5, Cole- 5, Joe- 10, Ashley- 9, Devon- 6, Lauren- 10, Ryan- 14, Desi- 6, Mike- 3, Ben- 8, Ali- 12.

New confessionals this episode: Ali- 3, JP- 0, Chrissy- 2, Jessica- 1, Roark- 2, Cole- 0, Joe- 1, Ashley- 2, Devon- 1, Lauren- 1, Ryan- 2, Desi- 1, Mike- 0, Ben- 1.

Roark had two new confessionals this episode, the same number as Ryan, Chrissy, and Ashley. The only person higher is Ali with three. Everyone else is lower than them with Mike, JP, and Cole as the lowest with no new confessionals this episode. In terms of total confessionals, Roark had five, the same number as Cole. The people lower are JP and Mike with JP as the lowest with two. Everyone else is higher with their confessional count. Those in double digits are Lauren, Ryan, Ali, Jessica, and Joe with Ryan as the highest with fourteen. There’s not much else to say. This blog should be normal for the rest of the season unless problems come back up again. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Episode 35.4

I don't know if you know that my laptop was having problems even though I was still able to work on it despite these problems. I'm getting the laptop fixed and am using a different one for now. Hopefully I can get mine back to use normally for the future pretty soon. Until then, I'm glad that I have another option. I hope that then I can use what I planned for this post in the next post like I did in April when the laptop failed then. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, we get immediately to a challenge that is set up for three tribes. The tribes are then switched around. I don't know if I can get all the new tribes or not. I might get them later. But there are still three tribes and the two love birds are still together. Ben had an alliance with Chrissy apparently.

In the second segment of the show, we get to the reward challenge. How long are they going to keep up the new three tribes? This is the typical do something then solve a puzzle. Only the winner will get reward. I wouldn't be to thrilled about this reward, although I wouldn't have to use the peanut butter, I think. Peanut butter is only good paired with chocolate, in which case it is AMAZING! The blue tribe struggles a lot during it. The red tribe wins. Ali feels that her tribe fails. I think that's why they aired that confessional, but I have no idea who is one what tribe anymore.

In the third segment of the show, to little surprise, there is a secret advantage in one of the chip bags. Jessica gets what is very similar to the veto armelet from international seasons of Survivor if you care about them. She gets to block a vote at tribal council and this has to be given to the other tribe if they win. She tells Cole despite the fact that he doesn't keep secrets as evidenced by the last episode. To little surprise, he blabs it to everyone on his tribe. This is why I wouldn't tell secrets to my sister if we were playing together. (Love you, if you are reading this.) Ryan tells Chrissy that he was responsible for her getting the idol. Joe lies to a person on his new tribe for some reason and Ashley doesn't like the fact that Alan is on her new tribe.

In the fourth segment of the show, Lauren wants to tell Mike about the advantage. She wants to prolong herself in the game since she knows that Jessica and Cole are buddy buddy. This could actually bite Lauren. Cole blabs that he blabbed to them and now she is rethinking her relationship with him. There's still nothing shown on Joe's tribe about his idol so his tribe could be losing this immunity challenge. Let's get to that, shall we? The red tribe comes in first, although I don't think that things will stay well with Jessica and Cole. The yellow tribe comes in second and the blue tribe will head to tribal council. What can Jessica do with her vote blocking power?

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to Levu, the blue tribe, after their defeat. Devon learns of Joe's previous lie about people trying to vote against him. Joe continues to be all concerned and devious. He thinks that Desi is getting voted out and wonders if he should play the idol. We still don't know who Jessica will either give her power to or block from voting. I think that she can't just pick someone, can she? There is a load argument over who should be voted out? Joe is really crazy. Desi thinks she is a target and she wants Joe to play the idol on her to gain her trust. Risky move. I wouldn't trust her, but it could be a good move in the end. How is Alan not the crazy person? Devon gets the secret advantage.

Tribal council is next. Joe talks about his crazy plan before tribal council. We don't really know what all is going to happen. I don't know who Devon would block with his vote or why he doesn't yet know that that's the power of the secret. What is good for each player's game? Devon is blocked from voting which is not the advantage he thought he was getting. I like how they played that. But why did Devon get targetted by Jessica?

When asked about an idol, Joe plays it for himself. That's the best move even if he does wind up wasting it. To little surprise, he got votes. It would have been a tie between him and Alan if he hadn't played it. How would they have resolved it if Devon can't vote? Alan is voted out and Joe is now the most annoying player still in this season. Hopefully he can get voted out next. It would seem that Desi voted with him even though he didn't hold up his end of the deal. What could that mean?

On the next Survivor, there is a wiggle room, an alliance that might not work, and other things that might be crazy too. I don't understand what went on with the blocked vote, but we might find out more about it later and I'll see what my local news has to say about Jessica, which will be a lot this time. In fact, I might just wait until the broadcast of it tonight (and maybe in the future) to add to this blog post too. If you care, comment on this blog and say where and when you want me to mention this on blog. I can also not mention her news blurb at all if you'd rather, but I might as well since I have this link.

Total confessional count: Lauren- 9, Ryan- 12, Desi- 5, Mike- 3, Alan- 7, Ben- 7, Ali- 9, JP- 2, Chrissy- 5, Jessica- 10, Roark- 3, Cole- 5, Joe- 9, Ashley- 7, Devon- 5.

New confessionals this episode: Devon- 2, Lauren- 2, Ryan- 1, Desi- 3, Mike- 1, Alan- 2, Ben- 2, Ali- 1, JP- 0, Chrissy- 2, Jessica- 5, Roark- 1, Cole- 2, Joe- 3, Ashley- 2.

Alan had two confessionals this episode, the same number as Chrissy, Devon, Cole, Lauren, Ben, and Ashley. The only people higher are Jessica, Joe, and Desi with Jessica as the highest with five. Everyone else was lower with JP as the lowest with no new confessionals. In terms of total confessionals, Alan had seven, the same number as Ashley and Ben. The people that are higher are Jessica, Ryan, Lauren, Joe, and Ali with everyone else lower than seven. Jessica is now in double digits, but Ryan remains the highest with twelve. The lowest is JP with just two. I can't even remember who this guy is.

Jessica was mentioned in the news again as she trusted someone more than she should have. Her parents are the people that get the main bit of interview for the news blurb and we don't get anything from her yet. The story mentioned nothing about her advantage, but I guess that they are just doing whatever short things they can do.

That's all for this blog post. We'll see what ends up happening with whatever laptop I might end up using whenever I can blog about this show. Just know that I will use something as long as I can and keep this blog updated. If the show were on hiatus, then you might get a break from updates for a while. I guess that we'll see what ends up happening. I could even use both laptops while I keep this one for this blog until the end of the season should both of them work in the future and I'm allowed to keep this one. I should know by the next post if I can use my main laptop again. I hope that I can as the copy and paste doesn't seem to work well on this other laptop. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Episode 35.3

My local news did another brief story on Jessica. Maybe someone is doing an in-depth analysis of her game, but I wouldn’t do such a thing for just anyone. I don’t think that I’d do that for anyone the first time that I watch a season and would wait until rewatching it if I did. If something important airs on the news, I’ll let you know. But this makes me hope that she gets voted out earlier so I’m not spoiled to anything if I haven’t seen the episode yet.

Last episode, we learned about Patrick and the fact that he doesn’t like crabs. Maybe he is scared of some of them or maybe there are problems of some other sort. He could see crabs as greedy creatures. But I do think that there is good reason to fear a crab if you encountered this one.

Of course, Patrick could have a problem since he knows that Mr. Krabs is obsessed with money. Patrick’s best friend SpongeBob SquarePants might have had too many problems with his weird ways and habits. But at least Patrick has a good song to remember that he wrote.

Another reason that Patrick hates crabs could relate to Pokémon. There are crab based Pokémon, most notably crabby (or is it krabby or some other spelling? I can’t remember). Maybe he could never catch one although he tried to a lot. Or maybe it does relate to STDs of some sort. He could be allergic. Or we might never know.

I had a dream that I was somehow the host of Survivor. Jeff Probst was a disguise that I put on whenever I wanted to host Survivor. Some people know of my real identity who played Survivor. Lex from Africa was one of the first contestants who knew this. Only I would have been way too young to host Survivor when it first came out. I don’t think that I’d be a good host of this show. I could host a talk show in my mind, but so could anyone when you think about it. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, we start at the hustlers tribe. Simone left clothes at camp at some people are taking it as their own. What happens when this happens? Do they ever get their stuff back? Ryan wants to target Lauren since she isn’t aligned with anyone. Patrick saying that he only trusts most people is what people talk about and they don’t trust him on his tribe as a result. Also, a rock may or may not actually be an octopus. Say what?

In the second segment of the show, we get to the heroes tribe whose actual name I can’t remember because they don’t tell us that much if at all. They are the heroes tribe (not to be confused with the heroes of the twentieth season). Alan can’t get a coconut open. Nuts best avoid working with other nuts then I guess. Ashley wants to get rid of Alan. Power couples aren’t good to have on Survivor. Joe has the idol and he thinks that everyone else thinks that Mike has the idol. Only Cole knows that Joe has the real idol. Jessica is a #sluginlove. She’s a virgin which is actually an admirable quality in a woman for me. It would be weird if I was the only virgin in the relationship. I know virgin women who married men who weren’t. Cole tells Jessica about Joe’s idol as they bond on the island.

In the third segment of the show, Patrick’s tribe thinks that he is looking for an idol. One doesn’t need an idol to win and terrible players can wind up with one. Ali thinks that she should offer him advice so that he doesn’t ostracize himself from the rest of the tribe. Joe complains about the food and the rest of his tribe complains about him. Cole starts to work on eliminating Joe and reveals that Joe has the idol to other people. Jessica is not okay with it as she thinks they shouldn’t do this plan until they are going to tribal council.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. Please do reward challenges this season. Please? Or at least make it so that these challenges don’t have a reward winner except who comes in first and not who comes in second. The healers make a mistake which costs them first, but they still come in second place. The hustlers go to tribal council as a result.

In the fifth segment of the show, we go back to the hustlers tribe. Patrick talks about his failure at the challenge. Lauren wants to get rid of him and he wants to get rid of her. But will someone do something dumb? Lauren thinks that she’s in danger. Ali tries to talk down Lauren as they talk later. Ryan thinks that he and Devon are the leaders on their tribe. People go to them with their problems. I guess that we will see as things go along who is really in control.

We then get to tribal council next. Lauren seems to air her tribe’s dirty laundry all over the place. Has Coby’s elimination taught people nothing? Both Patrick and Lauren think that they will be blindsided if they are voted off instead of the other person. That’s not how blindsides work. I’ll admit that I’m on Lauren’s side about Patrick’s evil smile that I just want to smack right off of his face. I hate people like that. Well, I’m really confused going into the vote, which is the editor’s intent, I’m sure. No idols are played. Good chances are that there isn’t an idol if they haven’t shown us, which is dumb. Patrick is voted out of the game. That’s good. I didn’t like him.

On the next Survivor, we get to the drop your buffs moment which seems a bit early to me. They have only done this after four eliminations at all the other three tribe seasons so I guess that it is good to shake things up. There’s nothing else to the promo besides that.

Total confessional count: Chrissy- 3, Jessica- 5, Roark- 2, Cole- 3, Joe- 6, Ashley- 5, Devon- 3, Lauren- 7, Ryan- 11, Desi- 2, Mike- 2, Alan- 5, Patrick- 4, Ben- 5, Ali- 8, JP- 2.

New confessionals this episode: JP- 0, Chrissy- 0, Jessica- 3, Roark- 1, Cole- 1, Joe- 2, Ashley- 1, Devon- 1, Lauren- 4, Ryan- 3, Desi- 1, Mike- 0, Alan- 1, Patrick- 2, Ben- 2, Ali- 3.

Patrick had two confessionals this episode, the same number as Ben and Joe. The people who are higher are Lauren, Ryan, Jessica, and Ali with Lauren as the highest with four. Everyone else is lower with Mike, JP, and Chrissy as the lowest with no new confessionals. In terms of total confessionals, Patrick had four confessionals. Ryan, Alan, Jessica, Ben, Ali, Joe, Ashley, and Lauren are all higher with Ryan the highest with eleven. He’s the first to reach double digits and this is after only three episodes. He could be in it for the long haul, an early exit, or late merge blindside. Everyone else is lower with total confessionals with Desi, Mike, Roark, and JP as the lowest with two a piece. There’s not much else to say about this. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Episode 35.2

Remember what I told you about seeing a story in the news about a local person in the current Survivor season? It is Jessica from the healers tribe that is local to me. She is good enough to get a story so I wonder if I’ll see more of her on the news in the future. I’ll tell you if I do. There wasn’t much to the story, but I still thought that I would tell you about it. I’d have to check to see where exactly she is from in order to know more about her. I’ll have to see if she’s on another local news channel such as my other CBS affiliate or even non-CBS affiliates.

I was confused with how hustle could be considered a good thing. So I looked up the definition at the site mentioned below. I am most familiar with definition two, to con or deceive. On the show, they must have gone with definition eight, to put a lot of effort in one’s work. I guess that this is a good alternative definition for the term, but most people would give hustler a negative connotation. Have you ever heard of it in a good way before?

After doing a bit more research into Jessica, she is sort of local to just one of the areas and not the more major one. She also used to live in this area so I’m not sure why she got some focus, but I guess that it was because she used to. Also, I have considered doing Survivor watch parties where I live, but I doubt that I would ever do that unless I become a contestant on the show or get married to someone who was on the show. I don’t know who it would be but I don’t think that she is the lost love Jessica of mine who has probably moved on by now. But the Jessica on this show seems to be in a showmance so there isn’t much of a point in being with this one. In fact, I could settle for a Jessica who isn’t this person that I last saw in 2nd grade. Or I could be with a woman named something else entirely. Hopefully, I’ll find a person at some point. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, we return to the heroes tribe. The real name isn’t known to me. Chrissy thinks things are going well for her. She wants to use her powerless idol to bargain with. People talk about the alliance falling apart already. Who names a group the core four? I guess that isn’t as bad as calling yourself the final four alliance even if that other alliance was the final four that season.

In the second segment of the show, people on the hustlers tribe think that Simone is weird although she does her best to prove herself. Romance continues to bloom between Jessica and Cole, I think. I can’t keep track of everyone right now. Joe looks for an idol, finds a clue, and gets Cole to help him search for an idol that they had the sense to bury when they normally put it in a hole in a tree. The idol is found, but I can’t keep track of who has it or if I’m talking about the right people.

In the third segment of the show, JP gets people lobster. And they didn’t have to pay a thing for it. Chrissy thinks again that she has power somehow. I’m getting really confused with her. Is she full of it or does she really understand what is going on? But she does get to form a much needed alliance and finds the idea of twosomes to be bad, I think. Patrick is scared of crabs. Who wouldn’t be scared of an STD? Oh wait, maybe he has seen Moana or the song Shiny too much. I might share that in the next blog post. There is something else that I want to mention at some point. Lauren thinks that Patrick is a good target for the future. Why hate a red head?

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. Ryan doesn’t know how to feel about Chrissy just yet but she is a player even if she seems a bit full of herself. The reward that they are giving away is the fishing gear that they always give away as the second reward. Well, always in beach themed seasons, that is. The puzzle portion contains Survivor history but doesn’t seem like a good design for a puzzle. Healers solve the puzzle first, coming behind from their late start in the challenge. The heroes tribe comes in second sending the hustlers to tribal council. Devon thinks that Simone will be voted out next.

In the fifth segment of the show, Simone tries to shake things up to prevent her own elimination. Is that a good idea? I guess it is if you know the right way to go about it. Will Patrick shine on like the star that he is and join his friend Spongebob in the sea? Or is he someone they can’t trust since he is ginger? Why don’t they trust him? We then get to tribal council. It is called a birthday party for someone that you don’t like. What? Since when it is a birthday party?

A lot of discussion happens but I can’t tell what all is going on. Patrick admits that he only trusts most of the people here. I don’t think that you could trust everyone and if you do, you are likely getting voted out, even if it is possible that you could win. Simone has never been camping before. Why do Survivor if you haven’t camped once? Simone gets voted out with a little more to her story than Katrina got. Just how little are we going to see of people this season? Jeff thinks that they get knocked down, but then back up again.

On the next Survivor, people aren’t for Patrick. Joe has power. Ryan might try to rustle feathers. There isn’t much to be gained from the promo but it could be because there isn’t much to the episode just yet. What can they say if you can’t say anything? I hope that more ends up happening later this season. I shouldn’t be disappointed only two episodes in as a lot can still happen but it seems like things will need to pick up. Maybe we are in for a great merge.

Total confessional count: Simone- 2, Ashley- 4, Devon- 2, Lauren- 3, Ryan- 8, Desi- 1, Mike- 2, Alan- 4, Patrick- 2, Ben- 3, Ali- 5, JP- 2, Chrissy- 3, Jessica- 2, Roark- 1, Cole- 2, Joe- 4.

New confessionals this episode: Lauren- 2, Ryan- 3, Desi- 0, Mike- 0, Alan- 1, Patrick- 1, Ben- 1, Ali- 3, JP- 1, Chrissy- 2, Jessica- 0, Roark- 0, Cole- 2, Joe- 2, Simone- 2, Ashley- 1, Devon- 1.

Simone had two new confessionals this episode, the same number as Chrissy, Cole, Lauren, and Joe. The only people higher were Ryan and Ali with three each. Everyone else was lower. The lowest this episode were Jessica, Roark, Desi, and Mike who had no new confessionals, if I’m counting right, which I might not be since I’m getting people confused. In terms of total confessionals, Simone had two, the same number as Patrick, JP, Jessica, Devon, Cole, and Mike. Lower than them are Roark and Desi with just one a piece. Everyone else is higher with Ryan as the highest with eight. I can’t tell if I like the guy or not so hopefully he can be good if the early number isn’t made to mislead us. I guess that I’ll be back for the next episode next week. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.