Thursday, December 8, 2016

Episode 33.12

Is this season really ending soon? If it is, it can be hard to believe that. Why do I say that? Well, there are still eight people in the game and, supposedly, next week will be the finale. I was surprised last year when they had six people in the finale episode. Would they really start a finale with seven people? Maybe I’m confused about when the finale is, but it doesn’t make sense that the finale is soon. How is that even possible?

Well, promos are saying that two contestants are going home after this episode. I don’t know if that means that it will be two hours or if it will be like in Samoa where they turned what would have normally been a reward challenge into an immunity challenge and keep the next immunity challenge. I don’t know if we’ll see something like that again ever. I just can get annoyed by wondering why there are two hour episodes when you’d think that they could have premiered the season earlier. Did they ever catch up on days after the evacuation of the island in the premiere? I guess that they will have by the time this episode airs. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Will thinks that he can flip his way to the end. He needs to remember that people like Tony and Vecepia are the exception and not the rule. Bret talks about who to target in the game now. Not much happens in the first act.

In the second segment of the show, we get to an immunity challenge. The challenge seems pretty straightforward. It is another new one. Jay is the person who ends up winning the challenge after just getting one disk in after another. Jay: They see me rolling, they’re hating. He gets a bit cocky after his win, thinking that he doesn’t have to talk to anyone.

In the third segment of the show, Ken wonders who to target since Jay is immune. Will wants to go after Ken. David feels that he could be targeted since he doesn’t know what’s happening. Adam feels that Will is a huge target. Hannah is insecure as usual. (She makes me think of that One Direction song.) No one seems to be sure what is going on heading into tribal council. At tribal council, they talk about the previous tribal council. Loyalty is discussed as well. Will is voted out of the game. After tribal council, Jay feels that people aligned with him are cursed. Adam wants to vote out Jay.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the next immunity challenge. Adam openly helps Ken win the challenge. Was that a smart move? Is he even allowed to do that? Speaking of possibly dumb moves, I need to work on the end of the season awards that I give.

In the fifth segment of the show, David works out how to stay in the game and split the votes for some other player. Hannah is still after Sunday for reasons that I’ve never quite understood. Adam wants to split the votes between Jay and David. Adam point blank tells Jay to play the idol but Jay isn’t so sure that he needs to do that. Adam gets emotional again talking about his mother and Jay starts by giving him the cold shoulder, but then gets emotional as well.

Hannah is still bent on getting rid of Sunday and her own reasoning behind this seems flawed to me. If you are convinced she’s a goat, which she probably is, then you don’t need to vote her out. At tribal council, they discuss who the right person to be voted out is. Jay plays his idol thinking that he’d rather be safe than sorry. Jay wasted his idol. Sunday is the person who gets voted out, which seems like a waste to me. But, I am a David fan so him winning wouldn’t be bad to me.

On the next Survivor, we get to the season finale on Wednesday. How will the legacy advantage affect the game? Is the stealing reward advantage a moot point now? Will there be another idol in the game somehow? I feel that the idols should be gone by now, but I have no idea if they will make a surprise appearance again or not. Sometimes they don’t appear in logical ways since they keep changing with the game. We’ll see what ends up happening or not.

Total confessional count: Adam- 34, Bret- 14, Ken- 19, Hannah- 21, Jay- 28, Will- 16, David- 37, Sunday- 9. New confessionals this episode: Bret- 2, Ken- 3, Hannah- 2, Jay- 3, Will- 2, David- 2, Sunday- 0, Adam- 6.

Sunday had no confessionals this episode, the absolute lowest of all of them. Will had the second lowest with two, a number shared with Bret, Hannah, and David. Everyone else was higher with Adam as the highest with six. In terms of total confessionals, Sunday had the lowest with only nine. Will had sixteen total confessionals. Going into the finale, Bret will have the lowest with fourteen. Everyone else is higher than Will with David still the highest with thirty-seven, Adam the second highest with thirty-four, and Jay is the third highest with twenty-eight. We’ll see what happens a week from now. I’ll be back next Thursday with my thoughts on the finale. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Episode 33.11

Now that Christmas is in full swing, I have a question that has been bugging me for quite a while. What’s the point of ugly Christmas sweaters? Why is that a thing? Can someone explain them to me? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Why can’t they at least be good looking Christmas sweaters? Does anyone else not understand them? If you do, let me know what the deal about them is. Maybe it’s one of the many things in life that I’ll just never understand. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Hannah is feeling bad as usual (was that the shortest recap ever?). David feels that his idol was wasted. Zeke gets a bit cocky after the vote. Will things go the way that he wants them to? I guess that we'll see...

In the second segment of the show, Ken receives the legacy advantage. It’s a good thing that he mentioned a previous promise of Jess or I wouldn’t have known why he got the advantage. It’s easy to forget things, if you can remember. We get to the reward challenge which is a loved ones challenge where everything could change. Things are emotional as usual.

It turns out that the advantage promo was a fake out because Adam insists before the challenge that he wouldn’t use it, this time at least. We’ll see if he does that or not. I do feel that he should have stolen David’s reward last episode, but it might be better if he never actually uses the advantage. Jay wins the challenge. He picks Will, Sunday, and Adam to join him on the reward. The contestants that don’t win don’t get a last hug with their loved ones.

In the third segment of the show, Jay respects Adam’s lack of using his advantage. Adam gets emotional news from his brother Evan about his mother. Adam feels inspired by this. Adam gives his advantage to Jay. Can he do that? I guess that he can. He just did.

In the fourth segment of the show, Will feels that he needs to take control of the game since people aren’t exactly taking him seriously. We then get to the immunity challenge. The challenge involves holding a bar. David is out first which must suck for him. Hannah is out next. Then, it is Will. I think that Sunday is out next. Zeke is then out which David celebrates a bit. Ken is then out leaving Jay and Adam as the only two left. Jay is out and Adam just barely wins the challenge. Will wants to use this opportunity to take out Zeke.

In the fifth segment of the show, Adam gets a bit cocky with his win in the challenge. I’m not sure if he can win the whole game, although he might be able to do an offset. Zeke wants to go after Ken. Whether or not Will can be trusted is brought up. Will lets Ken know that he is the target. This quickly goes around to other tribemates. This irritates everyone. Ken looks like he is the most in danger, but it is really hard to tell what is going on in this season. It’s nice to have things this crazy in the game.

Will admits at tribal that he was going to flip on Zeke. Is this like in Heroes versus Villains when Sandra tried to flip, but wasn’t able to since Candice flipped as well? As usual this season, I have no idea what is going on into the vote. Adam decides to play his idol on Hannah. She had votes so the idol play was worth it this time around. Zeke is voted out as a result.

On the next Survivor, Will continues trying to take charge, but Adam continues to be after his own way in the game. I still don’t know if Adam can make it long and I’m also wondering how we are going to get to the end of the game soon considering how there’s still so many people left.

Total confessional count: Ken- 16, Hannah- 19, Zeke- 30, Jay- 25, Will- 14, David- 35, Sunday- 9, Adam- 28, Bret- 12.

New confessionals this episode: Hannah- 2, Zeke- 2, Jay- 3, Will- 6, David- 3, Sunday- 0, Adam- 4, Bret- 0, Ken- 3. Special loved ones confessional: Evan- 1.

Zeke had two new confessionals this episode, the same number as Hannah.  Ken, Jay, Will, David, and Adam were all higher this episode. Will is the highest this episode with six confessionals. Sunday and Bret had no new confessionals this episode. In terms of total confessionals, Zeke had thirty. The only person with a higher count is David with thirty-five. Everyone else is lower than Zeke and David with Sunday as the lowest with nine. That’s pretty much all there is to mention regarding this episode. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Episode 33.10

You might be wondering why I didn’t update this blog after the newest Survivor episode aired. Well, I was very busy from sometime on Wednesday when the episode originally aired, causing me to miss the episode, until sometime on Monday after all the chaos of Thanksgiving break happened and ended. I was out of state visiting relatives. Normally, they come here for Thanksgiving, but things change and I may be leaving state again. Hopefully I’ll be able to see the episode, or I’ll do an awkward post here about how I wasn’t able to actually blog about it, like I did with the third episode of Caramoan that I probably could have watched online without any problems. So I’m sorry about the lack of a blog post last week and I should inform you that new updates of this blog will now be on Thursdays, the day after a new episode airs, until the end of the season. Now, back to the regularly scheduled blog post:

Something that I didn’t mention in my last blog post was something that Lex from Africa and All-Stars posted on his facebook page. There was some facebook error which had memorialized his page. He posted about the mistake as he was surprised that this would have happened. I do have to wonder about memorializing facebook pages since someone I know has died and that seems like the logic thing to do. I wouldn’t want to leave it out in limbo at least. I still don’t know who will be death number four for the Survivor community and I don’t honestly want to know since that would mean that it actually happened. I just hope that it’s not Todd from China as he’s been going through a lot.

It seems like a lot of things have been going on with this computer. The AVG Zen thing seems messed up in a way. I don’t think that I wanted it in the first place, and now I’d have to pay for it to keep it. Can I at least keep the regular AVG? I like the free version. I don’t want this to be some annoying thing that computers do or try to do to you despite what you actually want. I just hope that they aren’t trying to take over the world as the plot of many movies are. Has anyone else been having this problem with AVG? Is there a different antivirus I should use instead?

I had dreams about what might have happened in this episode before I was able to see it. The dream was basically another confusing thing where it implied that I would be watching the next episode before or without me seeing this one first. I’m surprised and annoyed that they made it two hours long. That wasn’t even clear in the promos. They said that two contestants would be voted out, but they never said that it would be a two hour long episode. It could have been like in Samoa or Heroes versus Villains where they had two people voted out in a postmerge episode that only lasted an hour. It is always annoying when they just air a longer version of a show as if most of us don’t already have some sort of plan in place with what to watch after the show under a normal basis. Aren’t we normally watching whatever other show we want to? I guess that they don’t care about our normal plan on those nights. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, the tribe gets back from tribal council. Jay doesn’t like how Taylor threw him under the bus. But he shares the rest of the food with the tribe and he is certain that no one will think that he has an idol now.

In the second segment of the show, apparently Hannah and Ken might be together, but this is according to the awkward Hannah who can’t even say what she’s trying to say. Will tells Zeke about Jay’s idol and this soon becomes common knowledge throughout the tribe. (What happened between you and Professor Quirrell was a complete secret. So, naturally, the whole school knows.) Next comes the reward challenge. David wants to sit out of his own accord, but ends up playing after the support of his tribe. Jay is the one who doesn’t wind up playing. I'll always hate forced losers. The purple team of Zeke, Adam, Hannah, Bret, and Sunday ends up winning.

In the third segment of the show, Hannah is glad that she won her first reward, although she’s doesn’t want the losers to be upset. Adam is emotional when he gets a letter from home. All of the reward winners get a letter too. David somehow had a fear of life. Is that a real thing? That seems bad. David wants to vote out Chris, although it seems that Jessica wants Zeke gone. It’s too soon to know what will happen for sure until the immunity challenge.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. It is something different, yet very similar to challenges that we’ve seen in the past. David winds up winning the challenge, although it was a close finish. It's hard to recap the challenge this time.

In the fifth segment of the show, Jay talks about blowing the challenge. Sunday wants to get out Jessica. Why can’t women get along on this show? There are three women left and they turn on each other. Haven’t they seen John Tucker Must Die? There is discussion among who to vote for. Well, right before I started watching the episode online, I was spoiled as to who would be eliminated. I should have just gone straight to Survivor’s part of the website. Chris gets voted out and proves that when Jeff asks you if you are safe third, you are probably the one getting voted out.

It then goes straight into the post tribal council life. Jay is glad that he didn’t play the idol: that his gamble paid off. David wants to get rid of Zeke and Zeke thinks the same of David. Somehow, David and Zeke form a rivalry with their sides to the game.

In the sixth segment of the show, there is more talk among David and Zeke about each other. Why are they so against each other? I guess that, like most rivalries, there isn’t really a cause: it just happens.  At the reward challenge, instead of the sit-out automatically losing, this time, the sit-out automatically wins. That seems strange to me. The orange team of Bret, Sunday, and Zeke win the challenge. Adam talks about not using his advantage this time around.

In the seventh segment of the show, Zeke and Bret become drinking buddies. Bret is apparently gay and tells Zeke about it. So they bond over this. I wonder if they will start dating at some point. There’s not much to this segment.

In the eighth segment of the show, Hannah wonders who to vote out. She reveals information to David about the game. David then considers what potential mistakes he may have made in the game. We then get to the next immunity challenge. The challenge has a maze that has to be solved before anything else happens. But, contestants can’t see the maze as they solve it. Jay solves it first and then has a huge lead on the sliding puzzle. He ends up winning the challenge.

In the ninth segment of the show, Jay doesn’t want to give his idol to any other player. You know, Adam is probably the only one in the game who still has a secret idol still. Things seem to be falling apart for everyone, it seems. Is it still David and Zeke? I can’t honestly tell. How did things become five against five anyways? We might be missing something here...

At tribal council, David plays his idol for Ken. But Ken doesn’t get votes. It is between Zeke and Hannah. This means that if he had played it for Hannah like she wanted, he could have averted a tie and caused his enemy’s elimination. After the first tied vote, they vote again. There is still a tie and they decide to draw for rocks as they can’t decide who to vote out. Jessica (whose side was she on?) is the person who ends up drawing a rock. She wills her legacy advantage to Ken. Why Ken? That doesn’t really seem like a connection she had, but we don’t know much about her from her invisible edit.

On the next Survivor, David does something or another of some sort. The loved ones challenge changes the game once again. Will Adam use his advantage? Why do they even have such a strange advantage in the game in the first place?

Total confessional count: Zeke- 28, Jay- 22, Will- 8, David- 32, Sunday- 9, Chris- 15, Adam- 24, Bret- 12, Jessica- 15, Ken- 13, Hannah- 17.

New confessionals this episode: David- 7, Sunday- 2, Chris- 1, Adam- 4, Bret- 2, Jessica- 4, Ken- 1, Hannah- 4, Zeke- 9, Jay- 4, Will- 1.

Chris had only one new confessional in this two hour episode. He had the same number as Ken and Will. Jessica had four confessionals this episode, the same number as Hannah, Jay, and Adam. The people with confessionals between the number of Jessica and Chris were Sunday and Bret. David and Zeke were both higher than four with Zeke as the highest with nine. In terms of total confessionals, Chris and Jessica have fifteen confessionals. Those with a lower number are Ken, Will, Sunday, and Bret. The lowest total count is Will with eight. David has the highest with thirty-two. While it probably was two separate episodes combined into one, I still decided to make it one count for this episode.

Well, I’d like to apologize again for this being a week late due to Thanksgiving. Hopefully this won’t happen again, but I should be able to explain it in the next post if this ever does happen again. I know that I’ve missed planned posts in the past, although that’s typically from the hiatus between seasons when most people don’t even update their Survivor blogs anyways. I’ll be back tomorrow with the episode that airs later tonight. Posts will be on Thursdays now until the season is over. Then, I’ll move them back to Wednesdays. I don’t know yet when the new season will start, but I’ll find out more about that later. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Episode 33.9

Isn’t it weird that only one man has been eliminated from the game thus far? The merge has made me realize that somehow, men have taken control of the game, whether other people, including these men, realize it or not. You’d think that the women should band together but they may not realize this, nor would they see it as anything other than what it really is: women just happen to being the victims of the vote week after week. But this is unusual and I’m not sure there has ever been a season this successful for men before. Now things could turn for them, but I doubt that a woman would win this season. It’s a shame that we don’t see more women winners (or that they get such bad edits like last season’s winner). I wonder if I’m the first to notice the gender imbalance still in the game.

I don’t know if I like Adam this season or if I want him to win. I think that I should. I do wonder when/if he will be voted out or otherwise eliminated this season. He might be in it for the long haul. Only one other person thus far named Adam has played. He was in the Cook Islands season. He made it all the way to the finale and was the highest ranking member of his tribe. We still don’t know whether or not the name alone will prove successful or not. I think that Survivor Oz has done articles on this. But whatever great game play he had seems to be quickly deteriorating so I’m not sure he will make the finale. He could be good, but I just don’t know.

It’s a good thing that I was able to see the Price is Right Survivor special when I did. Otherwise, I would have only just watched it for the first time on Friday and you wouldn’t see the post until the winter hiatus of the show. It’s good to finally be at the end of watching the recorded from last season. Man I have got to stop procrastinating sometime. I think that I will later. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Jay talks about what happened after tribal council. Some people are worried about what secrets could come to light in the future. Taylor and Adam seem to have an agreement about not to rat each other out. Why is Taylor pulling a NaOnka? Vinara is the name of the merged tribe. Why is it called that?

In the second segment of the show, we get to the reward challenge that I miss a lot of as I’m preparing supper for myself. Hannah’s group loses the challenge which causes her to question herself. At the reward, the score sounds kind of like Gantsa’s Paradise to me. Back at camp, Adam, who did not steal the reward, talks to Jay and things do not seem to go well. I don’t think that Adam meant to be rude, but he was considered that anyways. If you want to know how a different Adam feels about things like that sometime, check out my facebook page. I should go back to twitter where I’m less likely to get in trouble for things that I post. I go on a political rant on facebook, I get into long arguments. I go on one on twitter, I get four new followers. Weird difference, right?

In the next segment of the show, Sunday is worried about someone. She wants to get rid of Jessica. Why are the women always trying to get rid of each other when only three of them are left? The immunity challenge offers a sit out or play option. I honestly wouldn’t sit out for a measly meal like that. Ball on a bow is a new one. Also, Screen Junkies, if you are reading this, please do an honest trailer for this show (Survivor) because I’d love to hear you talk about the ball fetish that the somehow straight Jeff has. Will and Zeke are the only people who sit out. Ken wins the challenge.

In the next segment of the show, David thinks that they should split the votes between Taylor and Jay. But the promos have basically revealed that something dramatic was going to happen. Jay doesn’t like being on the bottom. Jay doesn’t know what to do with his idol. He was a person with an idol, right? We then get to tribal council.

Taylor comes forward about the food, but lies and says that Adam had some of the food. Taylor then blabs about his advantage. Adam comes forward about it when comforted about it. Taylor is convinced that Adam would only use his advantage on the loved ones reward. I don’t think that I like either one of them. Here I was thinking that the mudslinging was over for a while. Maybe the vote isn’t as obvious or all this drama is supposed to make us forget it. No votes are revealed. No idols are played. Taylor is the person who gets voted out. Somehow, I didn’t see that coming despite the signs to the contrary. And I might be coming up with a nominee for dumbest move of the season.

On the next Survivor, the gen-xers are imploding and Will reveals Jay’s idol which them becomes common knowledge to people. Remember that crazy promo before the double tribal council episode of Gabon? That’s what this promo reminds me of.

Total confessional count: Sunday- 7, Chris- 14, Adam- 20, Bret- 10, Jessica- 11, Ken- 12, Hannah- 13, Zeke- 19, Jay- 18, Taylor- 20, Will- 7, David- 25.

New confessionals this episode: Bret- 1, Jessica- 0, Ken- 0, Hannah- 2, Zeke- 1, Jay- 4, Taylor- 3, Will- 1, David- 1, Sunday- 3, Chris- 2, Adam- 2.

Taylor had three confessionals this episode; the same number as Sunday. The only person with more confessionals was Jay. Everyone else had less. Jessica and Ken are the only people this episode without new confessionals. Ken didn’t even get one after winning, which must show how irrelevant either this episode’s immunity was or how irrelevant he is. In terms of total confessionals, Taylor had twenty, which is the same number as his rival Adam.  The only person higher than them is David with twenty-five confessionals. Everyone else is lower than those three are. The lowest are Sunday and Will who are the only two people still left with single digits. They both have seven total confessionals. That’s pretty much all the new things to talk about here. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Episode 33.8

I am behind on tapes that have shows that I watch recorded on them. So while the election is over, this means that I will still have to see a lot of those ads in what I have recorded. The mudslinging of elections has gotten much worse over the years. And while I normally don’t like Christmas commercials airing before Thanksgiving, I’m going to more than enjoy them replacing the political commercials. I do hope that the country is better off after the election and that things will work out well for a change. Here’s a link to a new blog of mine. As the url implies, it is about the TV show Elementary. While I’m planning on updating it every Thursday starting out, I know that this won’t happen during Advent when I do this blog on Thursdays. (I know that I could post both blogs on the same Thursday, but I’d rather not do that. I also cannot under most circumstance blog about any other show besides this on one the day the newest episode actually airs.)

Anyways, due to changes with my other blogs, I may not do any Sunday posts during the winter hiatus. Those are always chosen whenever I want them to be, but I don’t know yet when the season finale is and I don’t think that they do Sunday finales again for some odd reason. Of course, it was odd that they did them there in the first place. At least we don’t have to worry about football delaying it like it did with at least the South Pacific, Philippines, and (in some regions, but not mine) Blood versus Water finales. (If the Nicaragua finale was delayed, I don’t remember.)

I like the fact that the merge is happening at this point in the game now that something crazy has happened on every tribe in the game. What better way to make everything crazy that just letting all the sides turn on each other? Is it even still a battle of generations? Who will the battles be between? If this isn’t one of the craziest merge episodes ever, I will be really disappointed.

I’m hoping that Blood versus Water comes out on DVD soon. (Is it already? I don’t know.) If it does come out on DVD before Christmas, I hope that I can get it as a gift or for myself whenever it is released. When I am able to do the look back, it will be the first time that I’d be doing a look back on a season that I’d have already blogged about. I might even post a blog post about the first time I blogged about it. I don’t know if I will or not, but this blog does change from time to time.

Something that I noticed on Tuesday and Wednesday last week was which networks preempted planned new episodes because of the World Series. Of course, all FOX shows were preempted as they were the network airing games six and seven. Of the CBS shows that I watch, they preempted NCIS, Bull, NCIS: New Orleans, but not this show or Code Black. ABC did not preempt an election themed Fresh Off the Boat or a new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. On Wednesday, they aired the CMA awards, thus preempting whatever new shows might have otherwise aired anyways. The CW aired, as usual, new episodes of The Flash, Arrow, and Frequency. NBC preempted Blindspot and Law and Order: SVU. You have to wonder what this means for some of these shows long term. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Ikabula gets back from tribal council. Jay thinks that he made a good move. Hannah says that she would have voted with them; it seems that she was trying to make sure that she would be on their side if she wants them to be. This tribe then gets a notice about the upcoming merge. They leave on a boat with a time limit. I wonder if they were forced off of that part of the island or not. I heard that happened in Marquesas.

In the second segment of the show, the orange tribe is where the merge will take place. People get used to their new tribe while wondering who is with who now. Zeke feels that some allies of him can tell them what happened on the other tribes. Broliance? Is that a thing? Well, I guess that I too had made up words under the right situnario.

In the third segment of the show, Adam looks for a merge idol while ignoring the merge feast. He gets a reward stealer which seems like another in a long line of bad twists that they’ve been using recently. We’ll see if it can be used fairly or not. Also, isn’t there still a legacy advantage in the game? Taylor hides some food for just himself, although this does not go unnoticed. Adam and Taylor have a conversation and Taylor appears to think that Adam is being dumb. (Don’t you ever hate sentences where you can’t use pronouns like you want to?) Bret talks about what he saw during the night and tries to get people to vote out Adam and Taylor.

In the fourth segment of the show, Taylor tells Jay about what Adam was talking about regarding getting rid of Will. Zeke overhears some of this conversation. We then get to Jay and Taylor telling Will about Adam’s plan. Hey, they finally brought back this immunity challenge! They changed it so it is harder to do. Sunday, Chris, and Bret are the first three out respectively. Jay is out next followed by Zeke. Ken is out next. Then it is Hannah who is out. Michelle is then out. It is down to just Will and Jessica in the final round of the challenge. Will ends up winning the challenge, thus becoming the new youngest person to win individual immunity. I bet his record gets broken someday.

In the fifth segment of the show, it turns out that Adam might get voted out of the game. Does that mean that I’ll be voted out of the blogosphere? Wait, he’s a different Adam. Well, Michelle doesn’t think that voting out Adam is the right move. Zeke tells Adam about his mistake. His side starts scrambling. Also, have nearly all the women been voted out? I don’t think that this many men have made it this far together before, but I might be wrong. Didn’t a lot of women start the eliminations in Panama? Adam wonders whether or not to play his idol. I’d rather waste one than be voted out with one. The banana chip stealing is brought up again at tribal council. Adam decides not to play his idol. Why did Michelle get votes? Ultimately, she is voted out. I’m a bit confused here. Why wasn’t Taylor a target?

On the next Survivor, it appears that people know what sides people are on, but Taylor stands to possibly ruin everything. Will he? Loose lips sink ships, remember? Never blab if someone tells you a secret. That’s Survivor 101, right? It’s lesson 2 after don’t tell secrets.

Total confessional count: Michelle- 7, Hannah- 11, Zeke- 18, Jay- 14, Taylor- 17, Will- 6, David- 24, Sunday- 4, Chris- 12, Adam- 18, Bret- 9, Jessica- 11, Ken- 12.

New confessionals this episode: Zeke- 4, Jay- 3, Taylor- 4, Will- 2, David- 3, Sunday- 0, Chris- 1, Adam- 6, Bret- 3, Jessica- 0, Ken- 0, Michelle- 2, Hannah- 2.

Michelle had two confessionals this episode, the same number as Hannah and Will. The only ones lower this episode were Chris, Jessica, Ken, and Sunday with Chris being the only one of the four to actually get a confessional. Adam had the most confessionals this episode with six.  As for the total confessional count, Michelle had seven total confessionals. She has more than Sunday and Will with Sunday being the lowest with four. Besides those three, Bret is the only other one not yet in double digits; everyone else is higher. David has the most confessionals with twenty-four. I don’t understand why Michelle got voted out, but my mom says that it was because others thought that she didn’t have an idol. That’s pretty much all there is from me for this blog post. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Episode 33.7

There are a lot of people that we’ve seen thus far in the game. There are also a lot of people that we haven’t seen much of at all. Can we guess that if you haven’t gotten airtime by now that it’s likely that you only will get airtime if you are eliminated in that episode? But there could be misnomers. A major blindside could be awaiting David allowing someone completely different to take over the game. We’ve seen it happen before. Meanwhile, you do have to wonder when/if they will switch back to two tribes. They have never done a merge and anything other than two tribes before. That’s not to say that they never will, but that is something to keep in mind.

If the Cubs win the World Series, I fear that we will never hear the end of it. It will sort of be like when Harry from the Early Show got a live colonoscopy on TV. He became the butt of everyone’s jokes and then we never heard the end of that crap. Plus enough crazy and terrible things have happened this year that we don’t need something as bad as this. Let’s just hope Trump doesn’t get elected next.

One can wonder if the ad for this episode means that Adam might get eliminated. I guess that he’s my boot prediction going into it. We’ll have to see what happens but one can always get in trouble for making big moves. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Takali gets back from tribal council. Taylor talks about feeling bad now that Figgy is voted out. Adam seems strange with the way that he talks to Taylor about it. Why even bring it up? That might not be the best post tribal move.

In the second segment of the show, we are shown Vanua. David wants to get rid of Michelle. He wants to work together with Zeke. David reveals his idol to Zeke. They sort of remind me of Penguin and the Riddler from Gotham, sexual innuendo and all. Michaela once again speaks her mind openly in front of the whole group of contestants when she mentions that she is glad that Figgy is gone. I think that Coby Archa loved her language there. I just wonder if this is going to get her in trouble sometime. It probably will because he who talks a lot in Survivor doesn’t typically do well long term.

The challenge once again goes into the ball fetish of the somehow straight Jeff. Just look at the huge sack of balls. Did they mean for them to look like that? (Man, I miss the Survivor Shade site. They would love this episode a lot.) Vanua gets first place in the challenge. Despite doing poorly for most of the challenge, the green tribe gets second place. I check the World Series score and hope that I’m prepared for the second coming of Jesus as the Cubs are winning.

In the third segment of the show, Vanua gets back from winning the reward. Zeke binge eats and Michelle clearly doesn’t like the guys on her tribe since they have no table manners. I do wonder if she has to eat with them. Taylor doesn’t like discussing politics. But he does make deals about what names not to write down. Umm, you’ll never get a jury vote that way. Michaela seems to be getting stranger as the days go by. Hannah is suspicious of Bret for some odd reason. She’s right as he is lying about being a funeral director. Why does paranoia run so rampant in this game? I do know a fun funeral director in life. Last I checked, he was also a fan of this show.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. The green tribe loses. Sunday is convinced that it will probably be her or Bret. They decide to vote against each other. Michaela doesn’t think that it matters who they vote out. They want to split the vote. I forget who has idol on this tribe. I think that it is Jay. Why does it seem that men find the idols more? It seems as if they are getting rid of Michaela. That is the talk among players as they feel that she is too smart for the other players. Man, this would mean that all three tribes don’t care about which generation has the numbers. Why vote out the side you are with? It is hard to tell for sure why people keep doing that.

At tribal council, the third question on trust is asked to Michaela. If they ever ask this question and you are the third person to be asked it, you are in danger. Jay admits to his vote right before the last vote against Michaela is read. Hannah does freak out about it as they suspected. That’s among one of the greater exits in Survivor history.

On the next Survivor, we get to the merge already. Hannah wants revenge on what happened. This will make a Survivor first: three tribes merging into just one tribe. I also wonder if my Cardinals shirt that I wore today ended up working as the jinx that I hoped it would. We’ll see.

Total confessional count: Michaela- 16, Sunday- 4, Chris- 11, Adam- 12, Bret- 6, Jessica- 11, Ken- 12, Michelle- 5, Hannah- 9, Zeke- 14, Jay- 11, Taylor- 13, Will- 4, David- 21.

New confessionals this episode: Chris- 1, Adam- 1, Bret- 2, Jessica- 1, Ken- 0, Michelle- 1, Hannah- 3, Zeke- 2, Jay- 3, Taylor- 3, Will- 1, David- 2, Michaela- 3, Sunday- 1.

Michaela had three confessionals this episode, a tie for the highest shared with Jay, Taylor, and Hannah. The only person with no new confessionals this episode was Ken. In terms of the total confessional count, Michaela had sixteen confessionals. The only person who is higher than her is David with twenty-one. David is the first person to go over twenty total confessionals. Will and Sunday tie for lowest confessionals with four a piece. Since there will be a turning point in the game now, this is around the time where confessionals are no longer potential red herrings. If I had to guess, I’d say that if you aren’t in double digits now, then you may not affect the rest of the game. We’ll see what happens. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Episode 33.6

I get really far behind on the tapes that I’m watching in regards to what other TV shows have aired. For instance, I haven’t seen the last season finale of The Flash yet and neither have I seen the last episode of The Grinder yet. There’s also an episode of Rush Hour that I still have recorded and left to watch. I get behind on shows so much that there’s always something I’m behind on. I have only been caught up on tapes once, well, since I started a new method of watching them, at least.

This isn’t related to Survivor, but I have had problems recently with an antivirus program I’ve been using. While I thought that AVG was the best antivirus, it seemed to keep asking about an update that it never asked for before. I don’t know yet if I’m still on the free version or not. I hope that I am. If I’m not, I hope that I can get it back again because it seemed as if I was put onto a trial version of something that I’d have to pay for after a month has passed. I’m not paying for something and hope that I haven’t somehow already. Hopefully this problem can be easily resolved.

I’ve had other computer issues the day the last post was updated as it seems like I almost got stuck on a page that was obviously spam. I was able to get out of it and ran antivirus as a precaution which caused me to find out about that problem as it was having its own problems. And this was after getting a suspicious email supposedly from outlook about a problem they said my account had. I hope that I don’t lose the account and doubt I would. At least I have multiple email accounts, even though losing my outlook account would mean losing a fan fiction account I don’t use that much, a facebook account I use a lot, my imdb account, my twitter account, and various other accounts that I don’t remember off hand. You wouldn’t think that I’d actually lose the account by outlook’s own doing so we’ll see if anything bad happens or not.

Something very unusual is going on in the world: the Cubs are actually playing the World Series for the first time since 1945. I didn’t know that such a thing was actually possible. I really hope that people show up to the event dressed up as goats. If someone says they’re not allowed, then they should curse the Cubs again. Meanwhile, the Cubs have only won the World Series twice, both times against the Detroit Tigers. Since they won’t be playing the Tigers (they will be playing the Cleveland Indians this year), I don’t think that they will win. But stranger things have happened. We’ll just see if the long held belief that something terrible will happen after their win (besides, of course, them winning) actually holds up in the event that they win.

There are so many different fucking commercials that are annoying me right now. For one, they’ve started Christmas commercials. Then there’s this confusing one using the song School’s Out. Not to mention all the political commercials that make me want more of the Christmas commercials. Man, I really miss the days before Citizens United. And I also hope that Jason Kander wins his election. If he doesn’t, it would be as stupid as when Alison Lundger Grimes lost to Mitch McConnell. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, the orange tribe, Vanua, gets back from tribal council. Zeke gloats over his enemies taking out one of their own. Jay wants to take care of his ladies on the green tribe. He then goes looking for an immunity idol on his tribe and finds it. They are too easy to find if you ask me. At least they are found and potentially used. I believe that Will is with him when he finds the idol. And who else comes to witness it but Michaela.

In the second segment of the show, we get to the reward challenge. Figgy kinda doesn’t know how to handle herself around others. I don’t think that I hate her, but I hope that she doesn’t win. Hannah sits out of the challenge, so how would there be medical problems with her if she wasn’t even playing in it? This seems weird, but I guess that I’ll have to see what happens. I wouldn’t say that there would never be a medical evacuation at a challenge where a person who wasn’t participating is hurt, but I guess that we’ll have to see what happens for sure.

As usual, there is a lot of confusion at the challenge and it appears that the orange tribe is having the most problems at it, although the purple tribe isn't doing much better. You can normally tell which tribes work well together at this challenge more than most others. It is around the point where all the tribes are solving the puzzle when Hannah starts to feel faint. The orange tribe gets first place. The green tribe gets second place. It looks like she might be having an anxiety attack. I’ve been there. Those aren’t fun. Wait, not an anxiety attack; a panic attack is what she’s having. That was weird and we’ll see whether or not this factors into more of the game. I hope that she's okay and I never like a medical evacuation despite my possible obsession with them. Figgy feels like she failed after the challenge.

In the third segment of the show, Zeke feels that Figgy doesn’t like him. He now wants to turn against Michelle since he feels that he was at the bottom of his old tribe. On her tribe, Hannah talks about her anxiety. She quotes Kim from One World. Taylor and Figgy wonder whether or not they should reveal to the people on their new tribe about their showmance. The two gen x people both knew about this when Figgy tells them because Tiggy was not doing a good job keeping it secret.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. I’m going to guess that the purple tribe loses the challenge. It appears that Michaela and Hannah are bickering at the challenge, despite actually doing well together. Thus, the green tribe wins immunity first. Michaela then decides to offer verbal help to the orange tribe which is a risky thing to do. Whether or not her help works is what helps the orange tribe, Vanua to win immunity second. She is then a bit bitchy after the challenge. Thus, the purple tribe goes to tribal council and the prechallenge edit is true once more.

In the fifth segment of the show, Adam (not me) wonders how he should vote as to whether or not he should stick with his old tribe or not. Taylor doesn’t think that he can trust Adam. Jessica and Ken want to work with Adam. Which side will he join? You never want to be the swing vote in the game? Should he turn on his old tribe or get rid of the couple? Either move is risky. Please get rid of Figgy. Jeff points out that he’s an ordained minister, although the Universal Life “Church” which he’s ordained with is not a real church as they will literally let anyone be a pastor. They’ve let atheists be pastors.

Anyways, back to the actual show, Adam still doesn’t know which side to join and Taylor made it seem like he’d come after Adam if this doesn’t go down well. At least he doesn’t have to worry about using his idol, does he? Also, I will keep a secret when it happens what new thing I will do when he gets voted out. Figgy is voted out. Interesting, if he decided to waste his idol on Ken, they probably would have left his vote a mystery. But would it still be a good move? I think that him keeping it was the right move.

On the next Survivor, Taylor seeks vengeance on Adam while Zeke and David get together. You know, I like a lot of the players this season, but it is hard to find which one of them to root for long term. I mean, who is the best of these players? Who will win? It could be a lot of people.

Total confessional count: Ken- 12, Michelle- 4, Hannah- 6, Zeke- 12, Jay- 8, Taylor- 10, Will- 3, David- 19, Michaela- 13, Sunday- 3, Figgy- 9, Chris- 10, Adam- 11, Bret- 4, Jessica- 10.

New confessionals this episode: Michelle- 0, Hannah- 1, Zeke- 2, Jay- 1, Taylor- 2, Will- 0, David- 1, Michaela- 1, Sunday- 0, Figgy- 2, Chris- 0, Adam- 2, Bret- 0, Jessica- 1, Ken- 2.

Figgy had two confessionals this episode, the same as Adam, Zeke, Ken, and Taylor. Everyone else had less. Sunday, Chris, Michelle, Bret, and Will all had no confessionals this episode. In terms of the total confessional count, Figgy had nine. Michaela, Ken, Chris, Adam, Zeke, Jessica, Taylor, and David all have more confessionals than she did, with David as the highest with nineteen. Will and Sunday tie for the lowest with three. It was weird that Will didn’t even get a confessional about Jay’s idol. I’m also wondering why we’ve seen so little of Bret this whole game. Which one is he? I guess that we will see what happens later with these players. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.