Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Development of Gabon Players

You will see when I’m blogging about the new season of Survivor my mention of a dead contestant from Gabon that happened on the last day of 2016. Boy that year just had to end with another death didn’t it? Well, Gabon has now joined Palau, Borneo, and Blood versus Water as a season of interest for me as I’ll now be calling it. Anyways, ignore this paragraph and go to the next one where I explain what the actual point of this post is.

When contestants play the game multiple times, there is clearly a difference between how their games went down the first time versus how they went down the second time. Something I realize going into this is how the three returning players from this season have done worse in placement in the seasons that they have done thus far. But, I might as well get to them and how their game changed from one season to another.

Randy was pretty much a random contestant the first time around. There wasn’t much of an impression that he made on me. He clashed a lot with other contestants this season and ended up being the deciding vote in to who would win the game. When he played a second time, in Heroes versus Villains, he was placed on the villains tribe. Ultimately, he didn’t make much of an impact on the game as he was the first voted out of the tribe after which, he then threw his buff into the fire of tribal council. While I thought at first that it might be him not liking the villain label, it was actually due to him losing his first buff and him being told not to lose the second one. Main transition: From an angry jury member to a forgettable, early boot.

Corrine might have only retroactively made a negative impression on me. What’s weird is that she probably doesn’t care that most people don’t like her. It seems that she relishes in the fact. The first time she played, she didn’t really get along with most people and said incredibly rude things to Sugar on the jury. When she returned the second time, I honestly didn’t remember who she was. She didn’t really stand out that much the second time around, except for being the third consecutive rival of Phillip to be voted out of the game. Main transition: From a mean-spirited player to a forgettable one.

Sugar is someone that I don’t really like and don’t understand why others like. I think that my sister likes her, but I can’t remember. She was constantly being sent to Exile Island over and over again and due to a twist with it, got luxury after finding the idol. That twist wasn’t ever used again, which is good. Of course, they never fixed the problem of people being constantly sent to Exile Island over and over again, but that’s an entirely different rant and not really needed since they don’t have it anymore. While she never got voted against the whole season, she didn’t get any votes to win at the final three either. She wasn’t that great a player. She returned as a hero on Heroes versus Villains. I didn’t know why she got to be a returning player and she did terribly the second time, annoying her tribe and becoming the first person voted out that season. Apparently in sequester, she was so negatively affected by her vote out that she had to be medically evacuated due to sudden depression. I hope that she feels better now. When people don’t like me, I typically just shrug it off and don’t care about them. I don’t need people like that in my life. Main transition: From an annoying player who made it far to an annoying player who didn’t make it far.

Contestant’s Name
Second Season
Angry at everyone
Just mildly irritated
Excessively bitchy
Easily forgettable
Really annoying
Very bad

Well, you will get more information about Gabon as time goes by. You’ll see my thoughts on the cast elsewhere and if this post is any indication, I really didn’t think fondly of the cast. I guess that you will find out more about it later, if all goes well. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Millennials versus Gen X Using All Returning Players

Before the 33rd season of Survivor started, I did my version of a returning player season that pitted old and young against each other. But that wasn’t actually the point of the 33rd season. That was a battle of the generations. So, doing some research, I’ve decided to look up when certain players were born so I know what generation they are from. If they fit in either group, I will put them in this season. This will not including players from the original version of this season. While I could have included players from Panama and Nicaragua, I only have them mentioned as alternates as I didn’t think of someone worthy of the main cast. Now, let’s get to casting this season.

Millennial men- As usual, I’m putting a Guatemala contestant on this season. There was a contestant that season who ruled the game until he messed up at the very end. That man is Rafe. Going next to Samoa, I would pick Brett who dominated near the end only to fall short at the final immunity challenge. Picking a fan from Caramoan next, I would have to say that Reynold is a pretty likable guy and may be the best of the fans from that season. Hayden from Blood versus Water is my next pick as he is a great player, if not in challenge strength, than in his social game. Brice from Cagayan is my last pick as I feel that he has a lot of great potential in the game.

Millennial women- Eliza from Vanuatu and Micronesia is the first Millennial who I think played the game. I loved her as a player so I would love to see her return. Mikayla from South Pacific was not picked for Cambodia, which is one of the reasons that I am picking her for this season. That, and I hate the fact that her elimination was Brandon Hantz getting his way. RC from Philippines is someone who has been cut from seasons before, so I’m putting her on this one. Kelley from San Juan del Sur and Cambodia is a great player with more game left in her. Michele from Kaoh Rong is an underrated winner and I feel that she would be great to play again.

Millennial cast- Eliza (Vanuatu, Micronesia), Rafe (Guatemala), Brett (Samoa), Mikayla (South Pacific), RC (Philippines), Reynold (Caramoan), Hayden (Blood versus Water), Brice (Cagayan), Kelley (San Juan del Sur, Cambodia), Michele (Kaoh Rong)

Alternate Millennials- Candice (Cook Islands, Heroes versus Villains, Blood versus Water), Jason (Micronesia), Erik (Micronesia, Caramoan), Joe (Tocantins), Sierra (Tocantins), Natalie (Samoa), Chase (Nicaragua), Fabio (Nicaragua), Stephanie (Redemption Island), Matt (Redemption Island), Kim (One World), Malcolm (Philippines, Caramoan), Shamar (Caramoan), Eddie (Caramoan), Marissa (Blood versus Water), John (Blood versus Water), Katie (Blood versus Water), Ciera (Blood versus Water, Cambodia), Spencer (Cagayan, Cambodia), Nadiya (San Juan del Sur), Josh (San Juan del Sur), Reed (San Juan del Sur), Caleb (Kaoh Rong), Julia (Kaoh Rong)

Gen X men- An overlooked player from an earlier season is Clarence from Africa who I think should play again. John from Marquesas is someone who really should have already returned by now as his second chance has been a long time coming and hasn’t happened yet. Coby, the awesome shade thrower from Palau, has to return sometime to bring his some of his great ways again. Nate from Cook Islands is another player that I would pick. Marcus from Gabon is my last pick for the men on this tribe as he was a great player who made it all the way to the jury being immune the whole time before that, a feat that no one accomplished before and a select few have since.

Gen X women- Neleh is a player that I really liked when she first played in Marquesas and I’d love to see her play again. My next pick is Peih-Gee from China and Cambodia, a player I really like. Next, I’d be going with Natalie from Micronesia as she was a great player who may have been shadowed by some of the returnees she was playing against. Edna from South Pacific is a sweet person and player who really should return again at some point. My last pick would be Denise from Philippines.

Gen X cast- Clarence (Africa), John (Marquesas), Neleh (Marquesas), Coby (Palau), Nate (Cook Islands), Peih-Gee (China, Cambodia), Natalie (Micronesia), Marcus (Gabon), Edna (South Pacific), Denise (Philippines)

Alternate Gen X- Dirk (Borneo), Greg (Borneo), Brandon (Africa), Ethan (Africa, All-Stars), Gina (Marquesas), Penny (Thailand), Shawn (Pearl Islands), Sandra (Pearl Islands, Heroes versus Villains), Chris (Vanuatu), Gregg (Palau), Shane (Panama), Adam (Cook Islands), Mike (Redemption Island), Christine (South Pacific), Monica (One World, Blood versus Water), Dana (Philippines), Laura Boneham (Blood versus Water), Jeremy (Cagayan), Tasha (Cagayan, Cambodia), Kass (Cagayan, Cambodia), Tony (Cagayan), Max (Worlds Apart), Mike (Worlds Apart), Neal (Kaoh Rong), Debbie (Kaoh Rong)

Well, I put a lot of research into this blog post and hope that you like it. I know that this twist has some slight flaws as it only goes after two different generations and ignores everyone who is other than the oldest gen x player. But, I do hope that you like this post. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Location Ideas

As Survivor keeps going on, the one problem seems to be the locations that they keep reusing over and over again. So far, Gabon is the latest unique location and Cambodia was the newest location that they went to. Due to the way things are now filmed, you’ll see the game play out in the same location twice. It helps lower the cost to have one season, a two week break, and another season all in the same location. But what are locations that would work for future Survivor seasons? Well, I might as well speculate as to what would be a good place for them to do Survivor at in this blog of mine.

I should note that I’m doing very minimal research (actually, no research) into what places are political stable, isolated but not too dangerous, and ideal for Survivor seasons. I’m just naming various places that I think would work well for a Survivor season. Maybe any of them would actually work. Maybe, none of them would. We’ll see what locations, if any, they ever go to.

Survivor, the US version at least, has never been to Europe. Maybe this is too developed a place to have an isolated enough area to do the show. I would love to see a Survivor season in Ireland. Or, they could go to Northern Ireland. You’d think that European countries would have islands that are isolated enough that they could be used to film a Survivor season at. Possible European islands they could go to would be Crete, Malta, and Sicily.

Now just because there’s a place that hasn’t been used, doesn’t mean that there aren’t more underused places that should be used more in the future. For one, they have hardly been to Africa or South America as much as they could have been. Now this may be due to the fact that they normally film seasons during our summer so they wouldn’t be able to have warmer places down there during that time of the year. Still, it would be interesting to wonder where else they could film on either of those two continents.

Let’s start with Africa. Having been to South Africa, I would highly recommend that they go there, if they can find a good place. Other places that might work would be Congo, Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique, Djibouti, Morocco, Mali, and Senegal.

Here’s where I think would work in South America: they should go to Bolivia, the Galapagos Islands, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay. I just hope that all of the regions are politically stable enough. I have no reason to doubt that, but I’m doing no research into that.

Switching now to Mezo America (or Central America, as most people call it, although I’m honestly bothered that it isn’t considered North America to many people), you might be wondering which of those countries I would want Survivor to go to. I think that Belize, Honduras, and Costa Rica would be good Central American countries to visit.

Asia is what I’ll do next. Of all the Asian countries that they haven’t been to yet, I think that they should go to Japan, Taiwan, Burma, Nepal, and Mongolia. I have no idea which continent Papua New Guinea is, but I would add that too.

Oceania isn’t a continent per say, but it is the most common place that Survivor has gone to. For all the places there that they haven’t gone to in Oceania, I would suggest the Marshall Islands, New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tasmania, French Polynesia, and Easter Island. Is Easter Island in that chain of oceans? I think it would be a good idea either way.

Well, that’s about it for this blog post. I hope that I had good suggestions and I look forward to whatever new locations I hope Survivor goes to. I’m not sure that I have any one location that I’d want more or less than the other. I just want more new locations. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Top Ten Maroonings

At the beginning of the game, people are marooned at the start and there are always memorable ways of doing that. You are basically starting the game off and the next season in an interesting way of some sort. The way they begin is pivotal to how the game will work so I might as well mention what I think the best ten maroonings are.

Honorable mentions: I remember liking Australia’s marooning, but I didn’t like it enough to put it on the list as I felt that it was too much like others. They did something interesting and different for Thailand’s marooning by using fake tribes before they learn that there aren’t any preselected tribes. But I’m not sure that I felt that it had much else to offer besides that. The Vanuatu marooning was interesting, but it doesn’t quite make the cut on my list. Cook Islands was slightly interesting, but I didn’t like it enough to find it worthy of the top ten. Nicaragua also had the fake tribe premise which is interesting, but I also don’t feel it worthy of the top ten. I might include South Pacific if the marooning was more interesting than just the returning players doing a challenge. That’s all I can think of for honorable mentions.

#10 One World: This game had quite an interesting lead-in to it. First, we learn that the tribes will be separated by gender and they are given a quick grab from the truck. To make things interesting, a man steals stuff from the women’s pile, which isn’t actually against the rules. Then they are both sent off in separate ways when they eventually learn that they are living at the same beach. It may not have been the most interesting marooning, but it is good enough in my mind to make the top ten.

#9 Guatemala: Few seasons begin in such a harsh way like Guatemala did. First, the new contestants learn that there will be two returning players joining them in the game. Then they have to do a hike against each other through tough terrain. Now my sister who has hiked the same trail has said that Jeff was probably exaggerating how rough the road really was. But this is the first challenge of the tribes and the winner gets a better camp. Pretty good reward challenge, right? The game starts out in a very interesting way, the likes of which we don’t typically see that much.

#8 Samoa: A lot of seasons rely on some sort of first impressions twist at the beginning. This one actually has a good way of doing that by first getting all the people to vote for a leader among their members. That leader then has to decide who among his contestants will do what in the challenge. You are starting the game with a lot of unknown things being brought forth and it all plays out from there.

#7 Marquesas: In this season, contestants started without any major supplies of any kind starting out. That alone has to be a pretty hard thing. The game can only get harsher from there and it does. This was certainly one of the more physically demanding seasons in the show’s history. It starts out pretty tough and doesn’t get much easier.

#6 Micronesia: First, you get a tribe of new players who wonder who they will be facing against in the game. That’s when the favorites tribe is introduced, one by one. We get a special challenge at the beginning where one player from each tribe gets to be immune at their first tribal council. It’s interesting seeing the dynamics of the game come across the way that they do.

#5 All-Stars: This season was different than any that had come before it. And, you have an interesting new way of doing the tribes and the whole start of the game. In order to hide the fact that there were three tribes in the game, each tribe of six was separated from the others at the start of the game and they didn’t even know who else might have been on other tribes. It wasn’t until the first immunity challenge that they finally learned of the competition that they would be facing in the game. The three tribes twist worked well, which made it weird that they didn’t use it again until Philippines. They might have started overusing it from there, but that doesn’t matter much. The fact that they kept it a secret who all was playing from the other tribes was quite interesting.

#4 Blood versus Water: Let’s start with day 0. We have the pairs of loved ones each by themselves in ten different places before the game actually begins for real, but on an overnight experience that will test the people in the game. Then, they learn that the new players are on one tribe against the returning players and they will have to defeat their loved ones in challenges to stay safe in the game. Any challenge that you win could put your own loved one in danger so the game takes an interesting turn all starting with the idea that you were actually playing with your loved one.

#3 Borneo: To not include the very first marooning on this list would have been a travesty. In the very first season, the very first episode has to include some sort of interesting way of bringing forth the show. A lot of series premieres can be make or break. Unlike a scripted show which typically does just the pilot before they decide whether or not they want more, with Survivor, they had to do a whole season. They have the contestants on a boat and they suddenly have to jump ship with Jeff Probst in the middle of the chaos trying to keep track of everything. It is an interesting and great way to start the show.

#2 Pearl Islands: We start with the fact that the contestants just thought that they were taking publicity pictures for the season. They didn’t know that the game was starting. Then, we have them bartering in a local town for supplies. Members of Morgan foolishly leave their boat of supplies next to Rupert and he takes everything from the boat. The pirate theme is on and we have a great beginning to the season second only to number one.

What season do I have listed as best marooning? Well, not everything about it was perfect, to say the least. It’s hard to come up with something that’s absolute perfect. But the season is very good in my mind and even though there were some parts of it that was bad (mostly a very bad twist), I still have it as the best marooning in Survivor’s history.

#1 Palau: Sometimes a surprise start is the best type of start. You have a bunch of confused contestants trying to race to the beach as quickly as possible. It’s a shame that two of them wouldn’t even get to play the game. Later seasons would do the race to the beach challenge better by making it immunity at their tribe’s first tribal council. Anyways, after the strange challenge, all of the contestants got to live on one beach together at the start of the game. So we are off to a great start that’s sadly affected by a bad twist. But I still list it as the best marooning in Survivor history.

That’s all for this blog post of mine. I wonder if you agree with this post of mine at all. I wish that I had a better memory. Mine is so weird. I just wish that it was better. I actually thought that I knew a good joke about memory, but I forgot it. So, hopefully, I’m not missing any good maroonings. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Survivor: Millennials versus Gen X Finale

I need to work on the end of the season awards, the officially unnamed awards that I give at the end of the season. I give an award for the three dumbest moves of the season, the breakout star of the season, I rank the season against the others, I rank the tribe swap among the other tribe swaps, and I also give an award to the most memorable moment of the season. I need to work on that so I know who will get what in the season. Also, I might be starting a new, secret blog. Well, it was planned to be secret as I don’t plan on identifying myself in it, but I’m not sure if it will end up that way or not. And it is all because of Adam that I’m doing this.

Once again, I have family visiting around the time that this episode aired. But, I’m not sure if it will affect this blog or not. If this is later than Thursday, then you’ll know why. I do plan on scheduling more posts for the last two Wednesdays in December. I plan on doing more random posts as usual, but I don’t think that any of them will appear on Sundays during the winter hiatus. I need to work on them, but I’m really getting too much on my plate and my work doesn’t even affect most of my writing.

There is something that I feel is worth mentioning. I’m afraid that during and before upcoming seasons of shows, I may be cursing some of the contestants from it. Whenever I notice that there is a contestant from a new season that shows up as a potential friend request on facebook, I tend to give them a request. How does this affect them? So far, of all the new players on seasons that I send a friend request to, those that accept tend to have some form of a negative or invisible edit. Why am I mentioning this? David from this season is someone who accepted a friend request of mine. I hope that he can still do well despite this. Maybe he can break the curse. If not, he could wind up like Spencer in Cambodia and have a terrible finale despite previous great game play. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, we get to Jeff introducing the show. He is full of the usual hype that he’s known for. I can’t tell if this is more of a Jeff full of crap thing or not. At least he has the energy a host would need. I haven’t heard many, if any, people wanting a new host. As usual, we get an introduction to all of the final contestants, giving each of them one confessional each.

Jay talks about wasting his idol. He thinks that there is a new one hidden. Bret talks about a wasted opportunity tonight by getting rid of Sunday instead of either Jay or David. Speaking of David, he makes a fake idol. I love fake idols. I think that David is right and there are no idols left. We’ll see. Jay finds the fake idol and thinks that it is real.

In the second segment of the show, it is revealed that the legacy advantage is immunity at tonight’s tribal council. The challenge is for reward and immunity, with the reward being a nice, juicy steak, with all the fixings. Jay makes a mistake by not covering his combination which everyone else uses to progress in the challenge. David wins the challenge. Jay decides to steal the reward, but still invites David to share in it. He also has Adam, who gave him the advantage, partake in the reward as well. I wonder if they had the reward part of this challenge just for someone to potentially steal it.

In the third segment of the show, we get to the reward and Jay makes his case for staying in the game. He tries to target Bret. But it seems that everyone else wants to get rid of Jay. Since when did Jay become a threat to win? Also, there seems to be slight audio problems with the tape that I’m using. Adam and Jay seem to be best frenemies in the game.

Also, I need to get caught up on Ponderosa sometime. I honestly don’t know if I should be including that on my blog, although I tend to ignore any online exclusives for this blog. I might add Ponderosa in special, future posts when I do look backs on seasons. I can’t make sense of who might be going on after the tribal council. Jay plays his fake idol. Ken cancels out his votes with the legacy advantage. Jessica reacts because this could have been her with immunity. I’ve been loving the tribal councils this season. Hopefully, the others will be good too. Ken only cancelled out Jay’s vote for him.

In the fourth segment of the show, we go right to the next immunity challenge without any of the post tribal council life in between. David talks about how he thinks he will do bad since it is a water challenge. I wouldn’t like a water challenge either, although you’ll never know in advance what seasons will actually have them and what seasons won’t. Ken ends up winning the challenge with no one else seeing what the answer might be. Also, am I the only one who gets offended by the term participation trophy? I hear about them, but I don’t think that I’ve ever gotten one. That’s not to say that I don’t have trophies at all. I just didn’t get any just for participating. Not that I want one for that.

In the fifth segment of the show, Adam talks about wanting to get rid of David. He looks for a hidden immunity idol. After looking for the idol, but failing to find it, Adam thinks that David somehow has an idol, even though one probably doesn’t exist. Turns out, he does find a real idol. David still works with the idea of getting rid of Adam. Adam tells people about his idol for some odd reason. Hannah brags about playing both sides as if that normally works for most people.

David brings up a good point at tribal council regarding if players are the best if they don’t make it there. He is right. You have to vote for the best of who made the end, as many good players never make it that far. To little surprise, Adam plays his hidden immunity idol. But, it was Bret who got voted out.

In the sixth segment of the show, David is glad that he survived tribal council. I’m glad, although I would probably like most people to still win. We have brought back the final immunity challenge that first appeared as a final immunity challenge in One World. There is a thirty minute time limit to the challenge for some odd reason. Has that been there before? It seems messed up. I don’t really like challenges where you can lose all your progress so easily.

The challenge is tied between Hannah and Ken. We then get to a showdown between the two of them. Ken wins the showdown. I can’t tell if David was trying to help by talking to him or if he was doing something like yelling, “DON’T MESS UP!” to someone who you want to mess up.

In the seventh segment of the show, David talks about how he thinks that he is safe in the game, despite not winning immunity. Hannah wants to avoid a fire making challenge by making sure that all the other players get rid of David. Would they really pass up this opportunity? Adam openly tells David that he is going after David. Will there be another fire-making tie-breaker? Honestly, I’m not sure what will happen since my sense of time gets messed up by not watching something live. The threat of David is discussed. It was real as he gets voted out tonight. Guess that I did curse him.

In the eighth segment of the show, we get to the final three before the last tribal council this season. I honestly don’t know with of the three I’d rather have win. I’d probably want Adam to win, but I honestly don’t know for sure. What’s with the buzz cut, David?

Total confessional count: David- 44, Adam- 42, Bret- 20, Ken- 25, Hannah- 27, Jay- 34. New confessionals this episode: Ken- 6, Hannah- 6, Jay- 6, David- 7, Adam- 8, Bret- 6.

In the ninth segment of the show, Taylor wants each of them to pitch to him why they should vote for him. Hannah reacts to saying that she helped vote them out and grew in the game. The others give their responses as well. Sunday is next and asks how people are adaptable in the game. Ken takes this moment to chastise Hannah for flipping. Adam thinks that this was unpredictable, but Hannah defends herself. Jessica asks why Ken would vote out David and turn on his allies. Will asks Adam to defend his erratic voting behavior and Hannah interrupts to give her case. I wonder how people know who was voting for who anyways.

Zeke talks about what he did and Hannah again uses this to attack Adam. Why does she do that all the time? I’m hoping that she doesn’t win now. Michelle asks how Hannah was on the wrong side of the vote sometimes and there is more discussion going on. Bret then asks more questions that I kind of lose track of. Jay asks a question of Adam and Adam gets emotional as usual. Chris then makes his case for Adam to win the game. Also, how do they decide the order people talk in? David is the last person to talk and he wonders how Survivor has changed them. I do admire Adam’s story about his mother with cancer, but it’s kind of getting old. Does that make me sound heartless? Sorry if it does.

In the tenth segment of the show, we get to the final tribal council vote. We don’t see any of the votes revealed, which makes me wonder if the decision will be unanimous. Hey, I think that I’ll win! No, wait, I’m not the Adam who played this time. It is Adam who ends up winning. Yay! He gets the check right away, although I’m not sure why.

In the eleventh segment of the show, we get to Adam talking about his win. Production told Adam that he could do a future season if he refused this one to stay with his mother. He decided, as we all know, to go and play Survivor. In a way, this makes him connect with Jenna, a past winner. Jay discusses why Adam talked to him first about his mother. Adam gets to talk about his mother who died an hour after he got home and gets really emotional about him. I take back my possible insult about his mother’s story as I do like seeing a more human side to the players sometime.

Adam is working with Stand Up to Cancer. I wonder if his winnings will help with cancer research. He does decide to give 10% of his winnings in order to help cancer research. Also, could second hand smoke give someone lung cancer? It might be possible. We then get to talk some to David about how he became a threat to win. We then get to see more of Zeke. What’s with his mustache anyways? Zeke talks about the memorable moment of the rock draw. I love it because it came as a complete surprise, although I did like it in Blood versus Water even though they did give away that it was happening.

In the twelfth segment of the show, we get to Bret and Zeke having their bonding moment. He did tell people that he was gay before going out to play, but there were tons of people who didn’t know. Ken and Hannah apparently had a moment that I’m now realizing just how funny that moment was. I don’t fully understand the moment that was going on. Ken says that it is complicated whether or not he is currently single. Is he dating more than one person?

In the thirteenth segment of the show, we get to Michaela. She thought that loyalty was important, but realized how she made a mistake by doing the seashell moment. Jessica feels that she made the right choice by drawing for rocks, but she drew the wrong rock. We get to Will and why they decided to let him play since he’s only in high school still. I don’t think that there should be a second high-schooler playing. We hear from Sunday, as well as Taylor and Figgy. Taylor has a baby now, but not with Figgy as it would seem. What? We even get to Chris for some reason. It seems that most of the premerge contestants are ignored as usual. For shame, Jeff.

In the fourteenth segment of the show, we get to nature shots of the island for some odd reason. To no surprise, they are returning to Fiji as they always return to the location of the fall season when they do the spring season. We all know this has happened since Samoa. It will be called Survivor: Game Changers. I’m a bit confused as to who will be in the cast, although I’m pretty sure that I already know anyways. You’ll see it mentioned in a future paragraph. I’ll have to check it make sure that it is the right cast when you see the new season’s posts.

In the fifteenth segment of the show, we hear that there are no grudges held by this cast. Jeff tells us about the casting opportunity. I haven’t heard an official renewal yet, but I should probably apply for a change since it would be fun to do, I think.

Points at reunion show: Rachel- 0, Mari- 0, Paul- 0, Lucy- 0, CeCe- 0, Figgy- 1, Michaela- 1, Michelle- 1, Taylor- 1, Chris- 1, Jessica- 1, Zeke- 1, Will- 1, Sunday- 1, Jay- 1, Bret- 1, David- 1, Ken- 1, Hannah- 1, Adam- 2.

It seems to be a pretty good reunion show, even if they did ignore the first five people voted out and only talked to the winner twice. I’m glad that I didn’t have to work today so I could see the season finale earlier. I just hope that I don’t mess up the rest of my day because of it. Now, on to the end of the season awards that I do:

Let’s start with the three dumbest moves of season. I wasn’t entirely sure what would work as the three dumbest moves, but after the finale, I think that I have them. The award will go to Hannah for attacking Adam a lot at the final tribal council. I don’t know if that helped cost her the win or not, but I don’t think that it did her any good. The silver will go to Jay’s mistakes in this and the last episode. He wasted his idol and made a mistake that allowed others to win a challenge instead of him. The gold award will undoubtedly have to go to Taylor for digging his grave at tribal council.

Now let’s get to the breakout character of the season. In my mind, while there were tons of interesting people in the cast, the breakout character would have to be David for his ways of playing the game and going from zero chance of winning to a huge chance and everyone knew it.

What is the most memorable moment of the season? Well, there’s a lot to choose from, actually, although I’m not sure what would be the best. Ultimately, I’d probably have to go with the next rock draw as it just came out of nowhere and took us all by surprise.

Now let’s get to the ranking of this season and this season’s tribe swap. First, I’ll rank the tribe swap. I’ll admit that I might not have tribe swaps mentioned a good way as I don’t mention multiple swaps from a single season. But I do have 22 tribe swaps mentioned and think that this season ranks 9th out of all of them. As for how this season ranks among the other 33, I would rank this as 15th out of 33 seasons. It is a pretty good one, although I’m not sure if it offered much besides flashy tribal councils.

You might be wondering about what next season will be like. SPOILER. It is rumored to be an all-star season. Here is the rumored cast: Jeff Varner (Australia, Cambodia), Sandra (Pearl Islands, Heroes versus Villains), Cirie (Panama, Micronesia, Heroes versus Villains), Ozzy (Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific), JT (Tocantins, Heroes versus Villains), Andrea (Redemption Island and Caramoan), Troyzan (One World), Malcolm (Philippines, Caramoan), Brad (Blood versus Water), Ciera (Blood versus Water, Cambodia), Sarah (Cagayan), Tony (Cagayan), Hali (Worlds Apart), Sierra (Worlds Apart), Caleb (Kaoh Rong), Debbie (Kaoh Rong), Tai (Kaoh Rong), Aubry (Kaoh Rong), Michaela (this season), and Zeke (this season). Of course, they have none of the original players from Guatemala, although Danni was an earlier rumored contestant. Will that ever happen? I know that none of the fans from Caramoan have returned yet either, but I would rather solve the Guatemala problem first before I worry about a season that happened around seven years later. I do not know if this cast is accurate or not, but we’ll see in the future what it is. END SPOILER. What’s weird is that Survivor won’t be returning until March 8th.

Well, I’m done with this blog post. I’ll also be moving this blog back to Wednesdays to update it then. Until the new season starts, you’ll see random posts as usual. All I have to do is stay two updates ahead at all times and then I should be good until the next season starts. I hope that you enjoy my random posts in the meantime. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Episode 33.12

Is this season really ending soon? If it is, it can be hard to believe that. Why do I say that? Well, there are still eight people in the game and, supposedly, next week will be the finale. I was surprised last year when they had six people in the finale episode. Would they really start a finale with seven people? Maybe I’m confused about when the finale is, but it doesn’t make sense that the finale is soon. How is that even possible?

Well, promos are saying that two contestants are going home after this episode. I don’t know if that means that it will be two hours or if it will be like in Samoa where they turned what would have normally been a reward challenge into an immunity challenge and keep the next immunity challenge. I don’t know if we’ll see something like that again ever. I just can get annoyed by wondering why there are two hour episodes when you’d think that they could have premiered the season earlier. Did they ever catch up on days after the evacuation of the island in the premiere? I guess that they will have by the time this episode airs. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Will thinks that he can flip his way to the end. He needs to remember that people like Tony and Vecepia are the exception and not the rule. Bret talks about who to target in the game now. Not much happens in the first act.

In the second segment of the show, we get to an immunity challenge. The challenge seems pretty straightforward. It is another new one. Jay is the person who ends up winning the challenge after just getting one disk in after another. Jay: They see me rolling, they’re hating. He gets a bit cocky after his win, thinking that he doesn’t have to talk to anyone.

In the third segment of the show, Ken wonders who to target since Jay is immune. Will wants to go after Ken. David feels that he could be targeted since he doesn’t know what’s happening. Adam feels that Will is a huge target. Hannah is insecure as usual. (She makes me think of that One Direction song.) No one seems to be sure what is going on heading into tribal council. At tribal council, they talk about the previous tribal council. Loyalty is discussed as well. Will is voted out of the game. After tribal council, Jay feels that people aligned with him are cursed. Adam wants to vote out Jay.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the next immunity challenge. Adam openly helps Ken win the challenge. Was that a smart move? Is he even allowed to do that? Speaking of possibly dumb moves, I need to work on the end of the season awards that I give.

In the fifth segment of the show, David works out how to stay in the game and split the votes for some other player. Hannah is still after Sunday for reasons that I’ve never quite understood. Adam wants to split the votes between Jay and David. Adam point blank tells Jay to play the idol but Jay isn’t so sure that he needs to do that. Adam gets emotional again talking about his mother and Jay starts by giving him the cold shoulder, but then gets emotional as well.

Hannah is still bent on getting rid of Sunday and her own reasoning behind this seems flawed to me. If you are convinced she’s a goat, which she probably is, then you don’t need to vote her out. At tribal council, they discuss who the right person to be voted out is. Jay plays his idol thinking that he’d rather be safe than sorry. Jay wasted his idol. Sunday is the person who gets voted out, which seems like a waste to me. But, I am a David fan so him winning wouldn’t be bad to me.

On the next Survivor, we get to the season finale on Wednesday. How will the legacy advantage affect the game? Is the stealing reward advantage a moot point now? Will there be another idol in the game somehow? I feel that the idols should be gone by now, but I have no idea if they will make a surprise appearance again or not. Sometimes they don’t appear in logical ways since they keep changing with the game. We’ll see what ends up happening or not.

Total confessional count: Adam- 34, Bret- 14, Ken- 19, Hannah- 21, Jay- 28, Will- 16, David- 37, Sunday- 9. New confessionals this episode: Bret- 2, Ken- 3, Hannah- 2, Jay- 3, Will- 2, David- 2, Sunday- 0, Adam- 6.

Sunday had no confessionals this episode, the absolute lowest of all of them. Will had the second lowest with two, a number shared with Bret, Hannah, and David. Everyone else was higher with Adam as the highest with six. In terms of total confessionals, Sunday had the lowest with only nine. Will had sixteen total confessionals. Going into the finale, Bret will have the lowest with fourteen. Everyone else is higher than Will with David still the highest with thirty-seven, Adam the second highest with thirty-four, and Jay is the third highest with twenty-eight. We’ll see what happens a week from now. I’ll be back next Thursday with my thoughts on the finale. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Episode 33.11

Now that Christmas is in full swing, I have a question that has been bugging me for quite a while. What’s the point of ugly Christmas sweaters? Why is that a thing? Can someone explain them to me? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Why can’t they at least be good looking Christmas sweaters? Does anyone else not understand them? If you do, let me know what the deal about them is. Maybe it’s one of the many things in life that I’ll just never understand. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Hannah is feeling bad as usual (was that the shortest recap ever?). David feels that his idol was wasted. Zeke gets a bit cocky after the vote. Will things go the way that he wants them to? I guess that we'll see...

In the second segment of the show, Ken receives the legacy advantage. It’s a good thing that he mentioned a previous promise of Jess or I wouldn’t have known why he got the advantage. It’s easy to forget things, if you can remember. We get to the reward challenge which is a loved ones challenge where everything could change. Things are emotional as usual.

It turns out that the advantage promo was a fake out because Adam insists before the challenge that he wouldn’t use it, this time at least. We’ll see if he does that or not. I do feel that he should have stolen David’s reward last episode, but it might be better if he never actually uses the advantage. Jay wins the challenge. He picks Will, Sunday, and Adam to join him on the reward. The contestants that don’t win don’t get a last hug with their loved ones.

In the third segment of the show, Jay respects Adam’s lack of using his advantage. Adam gets emotional news from his brother Evan about his mother. Adam feels inspired by this. Adam gives his advantage to Jay. Can he do that? I guess that he can. He just did.

In the fourth segment of the show, Will feels that he needs to take control of the game since people aren’t exactly taking him seriously. We then get to the immunity challenge. The challenge involves holding a bar. David is out first which must suck for him. Hannah is out next. Then, it is Will. I think that Sunday is out next. Zeke is then out which David celebrates a bit. Ken is then out leaving Jay and Adam as the only two left. Jay is out and Adam just barely wins the challenge. Will wants to use this opportunity to take out Zeke.

In the fifth segment of the show, Adam gets a bit cocky with his win in the challenge. I’m not sure if he can win the whole game, although he might be able to do an offset. Zeke wants to go after Ken. Whether or not Will can be trusted is brought up. Will lets Ken know that he is the target. This quickly goes around to other tribemates. This irritates everyone. Ken looks like he is the most in danger, but it is really hard to tell what is going on in this season. It’s nice to have things this crazy in the game.

Will admits at tribal that he was going to flip on Zeke. Is this like in Heroes versus Villains when Sandra tried to flip, but wasn’t able to since Candice flipped as well? As usual this season, I have no idea what is going on into the vote. Adam decides to play his idol on Hannah. She had votes so the idol play was worth it this time around. Zeke is voted out as a result.

On the next Survivor, Will continues trying to take charge, but Adam continues to be after his own way in the game. I still don’t know if Adam can make it long and I’m also wondering how we are going to get to the end of the game soon considering how there’s still so many people left.

Total confessional count: Ken- 16, Hannah- 19, Zeke- 30, Jay- 25, Will- 14, David- 35, Sunday- 9, Adam- 28, Bret- 12.

New confessionals this episode: Hannah- 2, Zeke- 2, Jay- 3, Will- 6, David- 3, Sunday- 0, Adam- 4, Bret- 0, Ken- 3. Special loved ones confessional: Evan- 1.

Zeke had two new confessionals this episode, the same number as Hannah.  Ken, Jay, Will, David, and Adam were all higher this episode. Will is the highest this episode with six confessionals. Sunday and Bret had no new confessionals this episode. In terms of total confessionals, Zeke had thirty. The only person with a higher count is David with thirty-five. Everyone else is lower than Zeke and David with Sunday as the lowest with nine. That’s pretty much all there is to mention regarding this episode. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.