Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Episode 36.8

Last episode, the idea that the merge tribal council was always crazy was brought up. I thought that I would go into the past seasons and decide for myself which of them were crazy. Starting with Borneo, it was a crazy tribal council in terms of the strange vote happening. Then in Australia, there was another one with the two tribes conflicting against each other into a deadlocked vote. Africa didn’t have that much of a bad one, but it wasn’t that crazy as all it lead to was the Lex is crazy at the extra vote thing. What happened in Marquesas? That was an easy and straightforward vote.

In keeping up with the overall boringness of Thailand, its merge vote was as simple as the one tribe voting one way and the minority tribe powerless to stop it. The Amazon vote wasn’t crazy at all. It is possible that the Pearl Islands one was crazy due to the Outcasts. While the All-Stars merge was more or less a straightforward vote, it was crazy enough in Rob blatantly reneging on his promise, a move that ultimately cost him the game.

In Vanuatu, the merge vote wasn’t that crazy, although it clearly kept the whole war between men versus women that season in progress. Palau didn’t have a merge and the first real individual vote was not a crazy vote in any way. The Guatemala vote didn’t seem crazy to me. The Panama vote was just another one where there was a six to four vote.

The next season was Cook Islands which had a flipper at the merge, so it must have been a crazy tribal to some people. Fiji’s is too hard to classify due to the first merge vote only having half of the tribe at it. I’d have to watch it again to see for sure if that or the next one was crazy or not. It might have been. China was sort of crazy when it revealed that the hidden immunity idol was in play. The Micronesia merge started one of the greatest postmerge games we’ve ever seen with a mostly crazy tribal council.

The Gabon merge didn’t have a crazy tribal council at the merge. The Tocantins merge had a blindside at it. That seems crazy enough. Samoa’s merge also had a blindside as well. And we all know that what had happened at the Heroes versus Villains merge tribal council was a game changer. That was one of the best ones that they had.

In Nicaragua, there was a straightforward vote at the merge. The Redemption Island merge was sort of crazy for just the person voted out and perhaps the other premerge tribe, but not the audience. The South Pacific merge was crazy and infamous for John flipping. Let’s face it, he wasn’t winning either way he sided with and no one gives his tribe the rightful grief it deserves for treating him like crap. As for One World, it had the men instantly turning on each other, setting the pace for the rest of the game, but I just don’t think that it was that crazy.

Let’s get to Philippines next. It had someone getting blindsided due to an idol play while all the various alliances in the game worked together to do it. The Caramoan merge only brought us one of the most obvious vote outs in the game and wasn’t as crazy as other ones. The Blood versus Water one was kind of boring as well. Cagayan’s had a flipper so that was crazy enough. I’m going to have to stop here and look up information about the other seasons later.

One of the things that I thought about last week was that I was feeling sick and might have wanted to have someone else ghostwrite the blog post for me. I don’t know if I’ll ever want someone to do a thing like that long term. The only person I might trust to write this blog in place of me temporarily would be my sister. The main reason is that she’d have to have my password to access this blog. But I don’t know if I’ll ever need one for sure or not. And it might need to be someone else entirely if it is.

The last episode actually did an interesting math problem. What is the likelihood of a 50/50 chance being used right 5 times if a good result happens have the time and a bad result that ends the game happens the other half? Well, taking the chance once is 50% chance that something good happens. Taken the chance twice means there is a 25% chance that things will continue to be good. The third time, it would be 12.5%. The fourth time, it would be 6.25%. The fifth time, it would be 3.125%. That is one of many reasons why Chris was an idiot last episode.

What I’m beginning to wonder is if curses will always be happening this season since there seems to be a running theme of curses continuing. This could mean that Michael doesn’t win and gets eliminated at the final four or somewhere else in the game. I still don’t know if it is either him or Domenick that wins. The winner could be lurking in the shadows a la Michele in Kaoh Rong. If there’s one thing that this season is good at thus far, it is good at being a mystery. I don’t know why two people voted for Libby last episode. Why would an all girl alliance form just to vote for a woman? I don’t know and I’ll have to see more of what happens to know for sure. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Libby is confused with why people voted for her. Me and her both. Domenick thinks that he might be too cocky. Wow. He finally gained self realization about himself. That is a good trait to know what negative qualities you have so that you can work on fixing them or not doing them. Wendell tries to figure out what to do. You know, I think that one of my animal neighbors is a walrus named Wendell. Although, I’m not sure what all has happened in that game. I’m playing right now even though I haven’t actually played it since maybe 2015. I lost a different game, though.

As for Wendell, he tells Laurel about his and Domenick’s real idols. Is he digging his own grave? We then get to a reward challenge. They are split into two teams for it. The losing team will have someone sent to Ghost Island. I wonder if an odd person out in the future would automatically be sent there. The purple team wins. Jenna draws a rock and then goes to Ghost Island.

In the second segment of the show, Jenna arrives at Ghost Island. How does she know what might happen here? Who all would have said things? She doesn’t get to play a game. The island must have ghosted her. Wendell narrates the reward win that he’s on. I feel that we lose something by not seeing who is picked via the schoolyard pick. They should just do it randomly. Otherwise, it seems that we are losing something in the edit. Apparently, people think that Libby and Michael might be too close. Back at camp, Michael tries to figure out what to do. Angela thinks that Michael isn’t open enough. But it seems to me that she is full of crap. Then again, Michael’s doom might happen in this episode.

In the third segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge of gross food eating. The first food is a fish eye. Is there a lens too? I got a fish eye lens and made a rap video with a couple of friends. I do wonder why they only do six people at a time. Grub is round two. Wendell didn’t even try to eat his. That cockiness got someone voted out in Amazon. Well, that was part of it. The final round comes down to Michael and Angela. I’d lose this with m & ms because I’m that slow an eater. Angela wins immunity. Michael still finishes the challenge. He wants to blindside Wendell.

In the fourth segment of the show, Angela thinks that she is in charge of who is going home and she thinks that after stirring the pot successfully, Michael will be voted out. People want to split the vote between him and Libby. Some people still want Wendell to be voted out. I wouldn’t put something like that on a résumé though. Why would voted out X in Survivor be worthy of that? There seems to be too much confusion with who the targets are. This is like Arrow’s current season. There are ghosts of pasts, lots of sides, people constantly switching sides, true intentions revealed, redemption for some, sorrow for others, and above all else, a continued interest to keep watching.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to tribal council. Angela talks about how she dominated the immunity challenge. Jeff talks about all the ways that the game has changed. Can someone play a more sly game and tell people how they dominated? This makes me wonder if Rich could have won the first season if it had happened today instead of then. Michael seems to think that he might be a target. But who is, really? Michael plays his hidden immunity idol. I forgot that he had one. Wasn’t the recap going to keep us privy to things like that? Or did they want to keep us in suspense for a change? Libby ends up getting voted out and Michael seems to have saved himself from elimination.

On the next Survivor, there is a lot of paranoia going around for some odd reason. It is hard to tell what is going on, which seems to be the theme of this season. I do wonder what all will happen. But at least I hope there’s not a straightforward vote for a while.

Total confessional count: Michael- 18, Domenick- 19, Desiree- 9, Kellyn- 12, Jenna- 6, Wendell- 11, Donathan- 12, Laurel- 7, Sebastian- 5, Angela- 6, Chelsea- 3, Libby- 11.

New confessionals this episode: Chelsea- 0, Libby- 4, Michael- 3, Domenick- 1, Desiree- 0, Kellyn- 0, Jenna- 1, Wendell- 4, Donathan- 1, Laurel- 2, Sebastian- 0, Angela- 2.

Libby had four new confessionals this episode; tied for the most with Wendell. Michael had the second highest with three. As for the lowest, that would be a tie between Chelsea, Sebastian, Desiree, and Kellyn who all had zero. In terms of the total confessional count, Libby has eleven, the same number as Wendell. The people higher than them are Donathan, Kellyn, Michael, and Domenick, with Domenick being the highest with nineteen. Everyone else is lower with Chelsea as the lowest with three. We’ll see what happens in the future. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Episode 36.7

I really hope that I never miss a planned post of this blog when a current season is airing. I would hope that regardless of what is going on in my life, that I can continue this blog should there be a new season airing. If the show is on hiatus, then it wouldn’t really matter if I missed stuff. There could be tons of different reasons why I’d randomly stop posting or a post would be delayed. I just hope that I would let you know what happened or if I’d be gone for an extended period of time.

With the merge happening in this post, some of the contestants will have more of a set edit take in. I think that Michael is a potential winner of this season. He seems to be getting a good enough edit. Then again, he could fall short of the end and get voted out. Domenick is another person who could have some winner potential in him. But his edit is bad enough that he could fall short of getting the jury votes in the end.

The twist of Ghost Island makes me wonder about what misused advantages we will see in the future. It also makes me wonder more about what the whole twist is. I think that I even had a dream that was just in general summing up what we know about it thus far. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, they remind us that Domenick has the legacy advantage so we know that this has to be important in some way. He also has an idol and fake idol. Kellyn talks about the fact that the merge is happening next. Domenick is glad that Wendell is around. CAN THEY QUIT USING THE BLACK BUFF FOR THE MERGED TRIBES ALL THE TIME? Sorry about yelling there. Did you know that the only season thus far to have more than two tribes at the start and not have a black tribe at the merge was All-Stars? I think that I’m right about that, but I’m not sure.

Chris learns via his buff that there is a clue to an idol that’s at Ghost Island. Can he sneak off into a boat in order to get this idol? This is just very weird indeed. Plus, I’m normally on the side of things not being rigged, but Chris out of all people got this? Wendell wants to make a deal, but this won’t happen. I was kind of confused with who he was talking to.

In the second segment of the show, we go back to camp where Chris sneaks out of camp during the night. Ghost Island is all ominous and stuff when he gets there. He gets JT’s idol from Game Changers. It is only good for the next tribal council. But he could extend the life by one tribal council if he risks his vote. He extends the life by one then risks the vote again. But now he doesn’t get to vote. He was cocky too. I don’t think that I would have taken the chance in his position as I would have just played it no matter what. Of course, if I won the immunity challenge, then it wouldn’t matter.

Chris has to get extra sleep when he is back at camp, but this only serves to irritate Domenick more. What is weird is that they could both be safe in this tribal council. Wendell could be voted out next if I understand the failed conversation from earlier. People seem to be taking sides in the whole war. What some people don’t realize is that if the power players take each other out at this phase, other players could come out on top. This could be Michael’s game to lose.

In the third segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. I think that they showed a fly or some sort of insect on Domenick, so that could be important. The challenge comes down to women. Well, they are better at balance than men. Kellyn wins the challenge. She gets a confessional about it. But is she on the right side of the vote?

In the fourth segment of the show, Chris takes everyone except Wendell and Domenick to the well with him. And, surprisingly, it seems that everyone goes along with it. But are things what they seem? This season seems a lot like Arrow’s current season where you never know who will go next or who will wind up in control. Does anyone else watch Arrow?

Wendell wants to get rid of Chris. Are Wendell and Chris going to be buddy buddy? It seems very interesting that everyone mentioned as a target has an idol. Is someone going to mess up and not play one? Or is some random person going to be voted out after a null vote? It seems that the women are trying to band together next. Only they want to vote out Libby. I think that Domenick should play his legacy advantage. His idol is good at other parts in the game.

Before I continue further, I’m going to do some math as I wonder about the Ghost Island advantage. It would seem that if all of the chances worked out, it would last until there are seven people in the game. At the final seven, it wouldn’t last any longer. It seems like an odd thing to do. Surely, there wouldn’t be a twist in which multiple people are out at the same tribal, right? Well, it could happen and has in the past. And they did say tribals and not vote outs.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to tribal council. I didn’t realize that Chris hadn’t been to tribal council before. Is he the first person to avoid it until the merge by himself? I know that others have done it with other people. Sebastian has a good point about how people aren’t who they seem to be. We learn more about the friction between the two of these people. I do think that Domenick has played some bad moves thus far. But I wouldn’t care if either are voted out, even though it seems more likely that they both last longer. Chris might be the leader, but it is hard to tell for sure.

I don’t think that the first merge vote is always crazy. It wasn’t in Nicaragua. It wasn’t in Africa. It wasn’t in Marquesas. It was not in Thailand. I’m sure there are other seasons. Domenick makes it clear who he is voting for at tribal council. Wendell can’t even talk right in his tribal council. Since when does Chris rap? They can’t do things like that and hope that we understand. When asked about an idol play, the legacy advantage is played. Chris doesn’t play his idol. Seriously? He is voted out and JT’s idol is not played again. How did he not know that he was the target? Why didn’t he take the risk when he knew that the idol would only last one more round anyways? Maybe he didn’t know he could still play it.

On the next Survivor, there are problems with the power players and people don’t know who to trust. Also, am I the only one who gets annoyed by how quickly things start right after the show is over? There used to be a good long break when Criminal Minds aired after this show and now that something good is on, they go straight into it without giving me a chance to set up recordings if you are like me and watch more than one show at once.

Total confessional count: Donathan- 11, Laurel- 5, Chris- 14, Sebastian- 5, Angela- 4, Chelsea- 3, Libby- 7, Michael- 15, Domenick- 18, Desiree- 9, Kellyn- 12, Jenna- 5, Wendell- 7.

New confessionals this episode: Wendell- 2, Donathan- 0, Laurel- 1, Chris- 5, Sebastian- 0, Angela- 0, Chelsea- 0, Libby- 2, Michael- 2, Domenick- 4, Desiree- 1, Kellyn- 2, Jenna- 0.

Chris had five new confessionals this episode, the highest out of everyone. Domenick had the second highest with four. The lowest were Chelsea, Donathan, Jenna, Sebastian, and Angela. As for the total confessional count, Chris had fourteen. The only people higher are Michael with fifteen and Domenick with eighteen. Everyone else is lower with Chelsea as the lowest with three. I should see you next week as normally. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Episode 36.6

There’s not much to add to this introduction of mine here. I might have family visiting later this month. I know that there have been a few times where I haven’t been able to post this blog on time. I have been worse at posting various other blogs of mine (most notably, Madam Secretary). Hopefully things will wind up better in the future and I can keep up what I want to. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, we get back to the orange tribe the day after tribal council. Michael is upset that he had to turn on his ally, James. But he didn’t really have to, right? I mean, the numbers were against James anyways. Michael looks for an idol and people think that he’s easy pickings. He got the fake idol from Micronesia. Only it is now a real idol. We get to the reward challenge next. The tribe that comes in second will get a reward, but could have a member sent to Ghost Island. There was a bit of a humorous moment where Michael is called James. The purple tribe comes in first. The green tribe comes in second. Kellyn gets sent to Ghost Island again. Donathan is a bit upset over the challenge.

In the second segment of the show, we see Kellyn get sent to Ghost Island. She gets to play the game. Only this time, there are two good ones and one bad one. She gets a steal a vote advantage. This was from the Game Changers season. She gets an extra vote in the future because of it. Now what was the advantage in the other good choice? Maybe we’ll see later or maybe we won’t.

Donathan seems to be doing well on his tribe. But maybe he isn’t. Bradley seems to be rude still at times. It could become a Bradley versus Donathan situation. Domenick wants to stick with his tribe. We see some of Wendell and him thinking about his girlfriend. I guess that they are spoiling that he makes the family visit. He then goes out and looks for an idol. He finds a clue to the idol and then finds the idol itself. This is the old necklace from Micronesia that became an idol.

In the third segment of the show, Malolo is shown again. This is the orange tribe that keeps losing. Desiree decides to burn the flag and her tribe agrees with it and does it too. At the immunity challenge, they tell them about the burnt flag. This is the first time this has happened that wasn’t the last day of the game with a merge tribe. It doesn’t seem to be that big a deal. Or is it? The green tribe wins the challenge. The orange tribe comes in second. This means that the purple tribe will go to tribal council. Maybe this will be more interesting than we’ve seen in the past. Libby wants Bradley to be voted out next. We’ll see if this happens or not.

In the fourth segment of the show, we see the purple tribe return to camp after their loss. Domenick thinks that he might be partly to blame for the loss. But he still wants to get rid of Bradley. Bradley wants to get rid of Libby. Donathan could still be a target. Libby thinks that she could be in danger. It seems that Chelsea is considering the perils of voting out Bradley. I can’t even remember what Libby did wrong to the other members of the game. This season has just not been as memorable as others have been just yet.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to tribal council. Jeff talks about whether or not they are still voting along original tribe lines or not. The Morgan vote is brought up again. Maybe I’ll have to read the old posts that I wrote. Hopefully, I’ll understand what happened then and wrote about it well. Bradley talks about how he likes to argue. I don’t and will tell anyone who thinks that I do why exactly they are wrong about that. Is Bradley burying his own grave? I can’t tell what will happen. No idols are played as I don’t think that anyone on this tribe has one. Bradley is voted out. He seems to take it pretty well in a way. Then again, maybe this is him taking it badly.

On the next Survivor, the merge ends up happening. But there are butting heads when it happens. Will two of the conflicting personalities cause problems? I forget who Domenick has butted heads with in the past. Was it Chris? I guess that we’ll see what ends up happening.

Total confessional count: Libby- 5, Michael- 13, Domenick- 14, Desiree- 8, Kellyn- 10, Jenna- 5, Wendell- 5, Donathan- 11, Laurel- 4, Bradley- 6, Chris- 9, Sebastian- 5, Angela- 4, Chelsea- 3.

New confessionals this episode: Laurel- 0, Bradley- 2, Chris- 1, Sebastian- 0, Angela- 0, Chelsea- 1, Libby- 2, Michael- 2, Domenick- 3, Desiree- 1, Kellyn- 1, Jenna- 0, Wendell- 1, Donathan- 3.

Bradley had two new confessionals this episode, the same number as Libby and Michael. The only people higher are Domenick and Donathan with three a piece. Everyone else is lower with Laurel, Jenna, Sebastian, and Angela tying for the lowest with zero. As for total confessionals, Bradley had six. The people who are lower are Wendell, Laurel, Libby, Sebastian, Angela, Jenna, and Chelsea with Chelsea being the lowest with just three. Everyone else is higher. Kellyn is at ten confessionals now. The people who are higher are Donathan, Michael, and Domenick with Domenick as the highest with fourteen. There’s not much else to say. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Episode 36.5

I have a bit of a confession to make. There are some shows that are clearly guilty pleasure shows. That means that you might watch them and not tell people that you watch them. These shows are more of a thing that you do and not really tell some people about it. Now this is relevant because ABC has a line-up of these shows called TGIT. And I now have seen all of them.

Why would I watch them? Well, I first started with Grey’s Anatomy because I wanted to watch a medical drama that wouldn’t just wind up cancelled. I added How to Get Away with Murder with the start of this new season of it. Why? I had an open timeslot that I wanted to use to watch something with. I then saw that there would be a crossover between that and the show Scandal. So I started watching Scandal as well. And there is now a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy called Station 19.

Why am I telling you all about this? You see, there are shows that I miss on Maundy Thursday because there tends to be new shows on it all the time. So I’ll be missing all of TGIT. There are other shows that I miss that air on Thursday as well. I also watch The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Gotham, Arrow, and S.W.A.T. I don’t know if any will be airing reruns. I know that Arrow isn’t, which seems dumb as they were at a better time to air reruns. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, we get to the gathering of the tribes and their buffs are dropped. There is a new tribe introduced. I still have no idea who everyone is or was. I don’t know who was on what tribe so I don’t know what the swap means. This season has yet to be that interesting. It better have a good post merge. How will this affect Ghost Island? And why is Ghost Island a twist when it seems to do nothing most of the time? I guess that I’m not that impressed by this season thus far. The tribes get used to their new dynamics and I still don’t know the name of each tribe. Chris talks a lot. I don’t even know what is worth saying in this segment.

In the second segment of the show, Desiree is concerned that Angela could potentially flip on them. Michael learns about what has happened and figures that this could help him. James feels that he is still a bit wary of Michael due to how things happened earlier in the game. People on the purple tribe seem to think that things are better for them on this tribe. People think that Libby is too similar to Parvati. Now stop for a moment and think if there was another winner like Parvati. I can’t. Of course, things could wind up worse for Libby if other people think she’s like Parvati. Remember Mikayla?

In the third segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. Did we catch up with every tribe before this? I don’t think that we saw much of the new tribe. The green tribe is the new one, right? I can’t even keep things straight anymore. Is Desiree breaking the rules when she leaves her post? I can’t tell, but I’m not sure that she is. Well, it seems that she isn’t. The green tribe left a bag behind. The green tribe comes in first. The orange tribe loses. It seems that no one is going to Ghost Island this time around. Would it have done anything anyways?

In the fourth segment of the show, we get back to the orange tribe after their loss. Desiree feels that she failed her tribe. She feels like she’s the biggest loser. But she isn’t. No one is since they got rid of the show without even admitting that it is cancelled. James talks about how he had to adapt to America after previously living in South Korea. #nevertrump. This seems to be one of the most emotionally focused season in the history of this show. The important animal imagery of a snake among the rocks is seen. But what does it mean? As usual, it seems that the vote is in the air going into tribal council.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to tribal council. The way that they edit this show now is a bit strange and still takes some getting used to. I miss the theme song and it seems that they don’t have a title card anymore. Jeff thinks that this tribe always loses. But didn’t they win once? It seems that the main subject of the tribal council is who deserves to stay in the game. Maybe that’s it. Did Desiree fail her tribe that badly? And will Michael win the game? James gets a vote with the regular “it’s either you or me” vibe that comes across. James is voted out. It doesn’t seem like he understands it at first.

On the next Survivor, there is fire at the orange tribe while the purple tribe gets too many problems with them. Now are they really allowed to just burn their flag like that? You’d think that people would put a stop to the whole thing before it would happen. And how big will this purple tribe fight be? And is the newest, green tribe, already forgotten?

Total confessional count: Domenick- 11, Desiree- 7, Kellyn- 9, Jenna- 5, Wendell- 4, Donathan- 8, Laurel- 4, Bradley- 4, James- 6, Chris- 8, Sebastian- 5, Angela- 4, Chelsea- 2, Libby- 3, Michael- 11.

New confessionals this episode: Michael- 3, Domenick- 2, Desiree- 3, Kellyn- 2, Jenna- 1, Wendell- 1, Donathan- 0, Laurel- 2, Bradley- 1, James- 1, Chris- 2, Sebastian- 1, Angela- 1, Chelsea- 1, Libby- 0.

James had just one new confessional this episode, the same number as Bradley, Sebastian, Angela, Jenna, Chelsea, and Wendell. Lower than them are Donathan and Libby with zero a piece. Everyone else is higher with Michael and Desiree at three a piece. As for the total confessionals, James was at six. The people higher are Chris, Domenick, Desiree, Kellyn, Michael, and Donathan. Everyone else is lower. Right now, Domenick and Michael share the highest with eleven, the first two to reach double digits. As for the lowest, that is Chelsea with just two. We’ll see what happens in the future and if this cast can start doing something interesting for a change. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Episode 36.4

There is some confusion with me with how to do some of the order with the confessional count that I’m keeping track of so I’m starting to work on this post at the same time as I’m doing the previous post. I hope that there isn’t too much trouble as I try to rearrange them time and time again.

There might be some Domenick and Donathan confusion on my part. I think that the first one has been shortened to Dom and the second one has been shortened to Don. Thus, they would sound so similar to each other that I might not be able to tell who is who sometimes.

When it comes to collecting the Ghost Island relics that are used again, are the former contestants they are getting it from at least compensated for it in some way? You’d think that the producers shouldn’t be just taken souvenirs that the past contestants have. But maybe everyone is okay with it.

Even if I were voted out with something that would have made me immune, I would have felt better if I could keep it instead of having to return it to producers so that they could make use of it in the future. Who would even keep the idols after this season? Would they revert back to their original owner? I guess that I am wondering a lot about these things. Maybe Rob’s podcast has an answer. I should listen to it more in the future sometime. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, people are winded from the tribal council. Bradley is glad that he is still here. Michael talks about his gamble at tribal council. Now people think that he’s a power player. We then get to the reward challenge. The purple tribe wins the challenge. This means that a person from the orange tribe, in this case Stephanie, is sent to Ghost Island. Chris seems a bit full of himself after the challenge happens.

In the second segment of the show, we get to Stephanie arriving at Ghost Island. She didn’t get to play a game today. That seems odd. Is the unknown advantage from last episode going to show up again? We then get to Donathan talking about his life. He feels sad about leaving his grandmother at home so he could do Survivor. Chris then talks to Donathan about all that is going on. This was a nice moment.

In the third segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. The orange tribe has many setbacks and lose the challenge as a result. They talk about who will probably be voted out. Kellyn thinks that it will be Stephanie, Michael, or Jenna. I really need to learn the tribe names.

In the fourth segment of the show, Michael is prepared to vote against his former allies. Jenna feels that she might suffer from resting bitch face. She does some stuff on Sebastian who might try to come to her side. Stephanie thinks that she can win the game in the end. People want to vote out Michael. Desiree looks through the bag of Stephanie to make sure that she doesn’t have something from Ghost Island. It seems like the target is still up in the air.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to tribal council and people still don’t know the correct use of the word either. (You can only use it with two things and not more. See if it is underlined in green if you mention three things with either preceding them.) Michael makes a case as to why he should stay in the game because he is a stronger player. But they still haven’t been winning so is he really strong? Now I don’t think that Stephanie wants to let her kids down so I think that she said something wrong. In the end, after the votes are cast, Stephanie is the one who is voted out.

On the next Survivor, it appears that there is going to be another tribe swap. What’s up with this? And then there are many different conflicting alliances by the look of it. What all will happen? I guess that we will find out next week.

Total confessional count: Stephanie- 8, Bradley- 3, James- 5, Chris- 6, Sebastian- 4, Angela- 3, Chelsea- 1, Libby- 3, Michael- 8, Domenick- 9, Desiree- 4, Kellyn- 7, Jenna- 4, Wendell- 3, Donathan- 8, Laurel- 2.

New confessionals this episode: Bradley- 2, James- 1, Chris- 2, Sebastian- 1, Angela- 0, Chelsea- 0, Libby- 0, Michael- 3, Domenick- 0, Desiree- 3, Kellyn- 1, Jenna- 1, Wendell- 0, Donathan- 2, Laurel- 0, Stephanie- 2.

Stephanie had two new confessionals this episode, the same number as Bradley, Chris, and Donathan. The only people who were higher were Michael and Desiree with three a piece. Everyone else was lower with the lowest being Libby, Domenick, Wendell, Angela, Chelsea, and Laurel, all tied with zero. As for total confessionals, Stephanie had eight, tied with Michael and Donathan. The only person higher than them is Domenick with nine. Everyone else is lower with Chelsea as the lower with one.

With the last Wednesday Lenten service of the year happening yesterday, this means good news in terms of this blog. The updates will no longer be on Thursdays. Starting next week, they will be back on Wednesdays. I hope that I don’t ever miss an update. I should explain what happens if I do. But I guess that we won’t have to worry about that unless it happens. I might not know what could come up and why. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Episode 36.3

What all could appear on Ghost Island? It seems to be heavily implied that Erik’s immunity necklace from Survivor: Micronesia will appear again, but how? Plus, I’m a bit confused by how they have these exact relics again as you’d think that people would be allowed to keep these things. They really took the idol away from these people? Plus, it seems weird with the whole game thing that’s going on. How will they decide who gets to play a game on Ghost Island? It already seems dumb that not everyone gets to play a game, even though it sort of makes sense considering how one can fail at the game. Still, how is it decided who plays and who doesn’t? But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, the tribe that went to tribal council gets back from the vote with some people wondering what happened. Domenick reveals to Wendell about his idol. Domenick then gets the legacy advantage. We then get to the reward challenge. I’m glad that they are doing a regular reward challenge to decide who goes to Ghost Island instead of a combined challenge. The purple tribe wins the challenge. Kellyn winds up going to Ghost Island by random draw.

In the second segment of the show, we get to Ghost Island. She is alone, on her own, just a girl, trying to find her place in the world. She gets to play a game this time around. She decides not to play a game to ensure that she keeps her vote. We then get back to the winning tribe as Chris tries to figure out what happened with the vote and why Morgan was voted out of the game. Chris wants Domenick to get voted out of the game still. Domenick tells Laurel about his idol. Meanwhile, other people are talking about who they want to vote out of the game.

In the third segment of the show, we get straight to the immunity challenge. It is a simple challenge, the type of which we have seen before. The orange tribe does better in at least the first part. The purple tribe seems to keep suffering one setback after another. The orange tribe appears to make a mistake with the balls at one point. The challenge looks like it could even itself out. The purple tribe ends up winning the challenge. I don’t know tribe names yet. Kellyn thinks that it is good that she still has her vote. Now I’m wondering if she realizes that she wasn’t going to lose it but only could have lost it.

In the fourth segment of the show, the people talks about their come from behind loss. Bradley wants to get rid of the people that were on the other tribe. Meanwhile, Stephanie wants to get rid of Bradley. Chelsea wonders who to vote for. Someone thinks that the leader never wins. He must not be familiar with Tom from Palau. And I doubt that Tom was the only one. I think that Michael wants to risk an idol play to vote out someone from the other side.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to tribal council and there is probably going to be some serious crap going down at it. Some people want to vote out Bradley as they feel that he is the leader of the other alliance. Michael pulls out his idol and lies that it has double power. Chelsea admits that she does not know what is real or not. Who will make the right move? I hope that Michael plays his idol on the right person. Michael plays it for Stephanie. But it is Brendan who gets votes. Why didn’t they vote against Michael? Brendan gets voted out with the idol being wasted. These people are not good at the whole reverse the curse thing.

On the next Survivor, there might be a showmance going on and there are different types of different relationships going on that I’m not sure that I understand. And it seems that Desiree might make some sort of mistake at a challenge or not really. It is hard to tell all the time.

Total confessional count: Desiree- 1, Kellyn- 6, Jenna- 3, Wendell- 3, Donathan- 6, Laurel- 2, Stephanie- 6, Bradley- 1, James- 4, Chris- 4, Sebastian- 3, Angela- 3, Brendan- 5, Chelsea- 1, Libby- 3, Michael- 5, Domenick- 9.

New confessionals this episode: Chris- 1, Sebastian- 1, Angela- 1, Brendan- 1, Chelsea- 1, Libby- 0, Michael- 1, Domenick- 3, Desiree- 0, Kellyn- 3, Jenna- 0, Wendell- 1, Donathan- 1, Laurel- 1, Stephanie- 1, Bradley- 1, James- 0.

Brendan had just one new confessional this episode, which was the same number as Stephanie, Chris, Michael, Bradley, Sebastian, Wendell, Angela, Donathan, Laurel, and Chelsea. The people who were lower with zero new ones are James, Desiree, Jenna, and Libby. The highest are Domenick and Kellyn with three a piece. As for total confessionals, Brendan had five, which is the same number as Michael. The only people who are higher are Kellyn, Donathan, and Domenick with Domenick as the highest with nine. Everyone else is lower with Bradley, Desiree, and Chelsea as the lowest with just one. I still don’t know if there is a stand out among these people just yet. But there’s the rest of the season to see what all will change and won’t. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Episode 36.2

They have done a lot of island twists in the game. First there was Exile Island. They also did Redemption Island. Now they have Ghost Island. I don’t know yet if they’ll do it again or not. I also don’t know if the show is renewed for next season because they could be filming the next season right now and it could have Ghost Island in it as well. If things go well, this could be the best received island twist that they have used in the game thus far. And while I like Redemption Island as a twist, this one could wind up being more liked in the game. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, they remind us that James received votes in the recap so this has to be important for the rest of the episode. There isn’t much shown of camp life before we get to the tribes getting gathered together. They switch tribes. Different people have different feelings about the swap at hand. I don’t know who all is giving confessionals since they don’t give names for some and I don’t know all of these names because they haven’t told us too much about who these people are yet this early into the game. Chris wants to get rid of Domenick. But people are wary of Chris since he seems to them that he is just ordering people around.

In the second segment of the show, Stephanie Johnson, henceforth to be referred to as Stephanie, goes on an idol hunt with Jenna. Michael finds the idol that used to belong to James. He was only eight when Survivor: China aired? Geez, I thought that I was young, but I don’t think that I am. Libby gets to be in a Catholic alliance of some sort.

In the third segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. I was already spoiled as to who would lose this challenge. It was hard to easily find this on tape. I need to learn the names of the tribes at some point in time. The orange tribe wins the challenge, but can’t reach consensus on who to send to Ghost Island. Thus, the person who goes by random chance is Chris. That might have been a good thing for him and he may not even know it. Donathan’s plans are ruined and Morgan is afraid of what will happen next.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to see Chris arrive at Ghost Island. He doesn’t get to play a game. How do they decide who gets to play a game or not? And what other twists could appear on this island? I don’t know what all are considered dumb decisions. The tribe doesn’t know who to vote for and people think that they should draw rocks.

Some of the people want to get rid of Angela. Donathan shows people his fake idol and he tells them that it is a fake idol. Only James thinks that he does have a real idol. Now everyone knows that Tony is Russell Hantz 2.0. What is this water well thing that James is using? I’ve never seen something like that before. Some people want Morgan to be voted off.

In the fifth segment of the show, Jeff points out that there is a four to four split. It doesn’t seem like anyone has a consensus on what should happen with the vote. As usual, I can’t seem to tell what is going on in regards to the potential vote. Nobody plays an idol. Does someone have one? It is hard to tell sometimes who has what. Morgan is voted out. Maybe this would be more of a shock if I had any idea of what was going on. Now what’s going to happen to the legacy advantage? It was her who had it, right? Will we see what happens right away?

On the next Survivor, there are people who might be dumb. There are idols out in play and lots of crazy things happening. In her exit confessional, Morgan gives her legacy advantage to Domenick. I didn’t check how the votes fell, although I’m not sure that I care because I don’t understand it anyways.

Total confessional count: Wendell- 2, Donathan- 5, Laurel- 1, Stephanie Johnson- 5, Bradley- 0, James- 4, Chris- 3, Sebastian- 2, Angela- 2, Morgan- 4, Brendan- 4, Chelsea- 0, Libby- 3, Michael- 4, Domenick- 6, Desiree- 1, Kellyn- 3, Jenna- 3.

New confessionals this episode: Angela- 2, Morgan- 3, Brendan- 2, Chelsea- 0, Libby- 3, Michael- 1, Domenick- 1, Desiree- 0, Kellyn- 1, Jenna- 1, Wendell- 1, Donathan- 3, Laurel- 0, Stephanie Johnson- 3, Bradley- 0, James- 2, Chris- 2, Sebastian- 1.

Morgan had three new confessionals this episode, the same number as Donathan, Libby, and Stephanie. They tie for the highest. The lowest, with zero a piece, is Bradley, Desiree, Laurel, and Chelsea. In terms of total confessionals, Morgan had four, the same number as Brendan, Michael, and James. The one who is highest is Domenick with six. The lowest in terms of total confessionals are Chelsea and Bradley who have zero a piece. We’ll see what happens with more of this season later and if things will get more interesting with things making more sense later. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.