Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Survivor Past Season Watch for Blood versus Water

Now that Blood versus Water is out on DVD, you might wonder what would be a good way of keeping track of all the former players from before this season that would be playing it again. There’s a cast of ten returning players and they have all played at least once. What’s the best way of getting caught up on the seasons before?

You would need to see Borneo to get caught up on Gervase’s game from it. He lasted until episode 10. That would mean that you’d only have to watch until that episode to get all of his game in. You would need Australia to get caught up on Tina’s first time playing. Since she won the season, you’d have to watch all 14 episodes that season. You would not have to watch Africa, Marquesas, Thailand, or Amazon in order to know about the Blood versus Water season, although it might help for other seasons. The next season to watch would be Pearl Islands which has Rupert in it. He lasted until episode 10.

Tina and Rupert would both play again in All-Stars. You would only need to watch the first episode to see Tina’s game on it. Meanwhile, Rupert went on to be in episode 15, which was the last episode of the season when he got voted out. You wouldn’t have to watch Vanuatu, Palau, or Guatemala in order to know a player’s game from this season. From Panama, you have Aras as a player and he won the season. That would mean watching every episode that season. From Cook Islands, you have Candice who made it to episode 11 of that season.

There was no one from Fiji, China, Micronesia, or Gabon in this season. Tocantins had Tyson who made it to episode 9 of that season. Samoa had Laura Morett who made it to episode 10 that season. Heroes versus Villains brought back Rupert, Candice, and Tyson. You would need to watch until episode 6 to get Tyson’s game, episode 12 for the end of Candice’s game, and episode 13 for the end of Rupert’s game. There were no players from Nicaragua, Redemption Island, or South Pacific.

From One World, one would have three players to keep track of. Monica lasted until episode 5, Colton lasted until episode 6, and Kat lasted until episode 12. Those are all the players and all the seasons that you would have to watch to know of their games from old seasons. That’s a lot of seasons and a lot of episodes from each season. You wouldn’t have to watch Philippines or Caramoan to get caught up. But it seems like a lot of potential watching to do.

Well, that’s it for this random post. I don’t have a newly acquired old season to watch on DVD yet. That means that these Wednesday posts will continue until the new season starts. You might even see some random posts on Sundays, possibly, although I will tell you if that happens or not so be on the lookout in case it does as it will probably happen before I could tell you about it (if that makes sense). For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Pondering the Ending to the 35th Season

There wasn’t much time for me to mention how the season of Heroes versus Healers versus Hustlers ended in the last post as I tried to quickly write everything and get it published in a good enough time. There was a new twist that I feel I need to talk about as well as doing other, various ramblings in this post of mine.

The main thing that I should discuss is the new final four twist. Jeff said that it will appear in the next season and it might keep appearing over and over again. Or, it might only appear in next season and then we’ll go back to the normal way of doing things. It already makes me wonder if they will try and save a player in the next season like they seemed to have done this season.

One thing that we need to agree on is that if Ben had won final immunity, the new twist wouldn’t have mattered. It is the fact that he won because of the twist that seems to be generating instant controversy with Survivor fans. Some people think that Ben’s pile for the fire making had more wood in it, but since Devon never really got much of a fire at all, I don’t think this probably bogus thing matters anyways. I mean, don’t we have better things to do with our time?

Still, this twist ending has caused problems like we saw back in Marquesas when Paschal drew a purple rock. Surely that was just a dumb thing, right? Nope. The purple rock has been part of the game ever since. Now the new twist will appear in Ghost Island according to Jeff. Will it stay in every season? I do not want it to and I think that fans might stop watching in backlash if there isn’t a promise to get rid of it. Too many things could go wrong with this. Now Ben is the only winner outside of Fabio to have a win that is pretty much tainted. Two quitters voted for Fabio and he won by only one vote. Ben would not have even made it to the end if this twist hadn’t happened.

What people seem to be forgetting is that most twists are planned before the season even starts. Jeff said that this was the season of secrets and it was the last of the advantages that we saw. But why put it in the game? One can wonder if it relates to the fact that they got rid of the final two and the decision of who to take to the end. This new twist does this instead by the winner getting to pick someone to go to the end with them. But wouldn’t a better idea be to bring back the final two? I don’t even like the final two that much, but it still seems better than getting rid of the last real vote out of the game.

I have the feeling that the reunion show was as bad and short as it was in order to not talk about this twist. We know for a fact that they will mess with the reunion show as much as they want to. We saw this in Caramoan and we could see this often. The more they mess with it, the worse things will be. But I think that they didn’t want to risk anyone talking about the twist ending of the season and the small time that people got to speak at the reunion show was pretty much the best way they could insure that people wouldn’t be able to air their rightful complaints.

What else is there to say? I’m not sure, but I will do a post in the future where I talk about the final four fire making tie-breaker and if it is all it lives up to be. Them forcing it still seems like a bad idea. I hope that after Ghost Island, we don’t ever have to see this terrible twist again. If it stays around, that would be bad. But it might be here to stay. I guess that we will see for sure what happens in the future. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Ten Worst Survivor Players

This isn’t a nice post, I’ll admit. You should know by know that I have strong opinions and am not afraid to say it if you have been reading this blog of mine for a while. So you will already know who some of what I think the worst players of Survivor already are. But I will mention them and the reasons for why I feel that they are the worst.

I might forgo the rules and some of the honorable mentions in this post. I tried to limit it to one original player from a season. So there will be some people from the same season, but not if they first played on that season. Needless to say, these will mostly just focus on all the contestants that I don’t like for one reason or another. There are others that I could have gone with, but I think that these were the ones that I wanted to pick in the end. These will not include winners as they had to have done something right to win. That’s not to say that I can’t hate winners, but they won’t be in this post.

#10 J’Tia from Cagayan is someone I do not understand why people might have liked before the season started. She quickly turned into a terrible player who only briefly advanced by other players being dumb. The fact that she could have lasted longer than other, actually smart brain tribe members is sad. The two who went before her would have been glad to see her at loser lodge. That’s fun for them at least. I felt she was worthy of the list, but not anywhere higher as she didn’t make it that far.

#9 Judd from Guatemala might be a random choice, but I felt that he was worthy of this. For one, he is such a bad liar that he was easily caught. I can’t think of anything good he did in his whole time playing the game. He exit provided a nice line, but other than that, he had no real substance in the game.

#8 Denise from China is a dumb person and the fact that she was close to winning the fan favorite vote her season is kind of baffling to me. Not much about her stuck out to me from her season except for how bad of a player she was. It was mostly her treatment of Peih-Gee that I didn’t like. But she did one bad move after another that I’m surprised that she was voted out because I wouldn’t see anyone in the game voting for her to win it. Plus, her lie at the reunion show was pretty dumb too.

#7 Sherri from Caramoan probably isn’t as bad as she could have been and I know at least one person who would defend her game play. But she did practically nothing throughout the whole game except cement herself as a goat that people could beat at the end.

#6 Burton from Pearl Islands was dumb the first time and he actually got a second chance by getting voted back into the game. But he was still dumb the second time around and got voted out again. Some wonder why he hasn’t been brought back with others countering that he already got his second chance. But I have the feeling that it is more about just how terrible a player he is.

#5 Crystal from Gabon was such a terrible player, many were shocked to learn that she really did play in the Olympics and not at all surprised that she used steroids to do well in it. She sucked so much in one challenge after another that even Ryan from the most recent season would think that she was bad. I’ll admit that I didn’t want to limit myself to just one player from this season as a lot of bad players were on it, but I felt that when it came down to it, she was the worst one.

#4 Russell Hantz from Samoa, Heroes versus Villains, and Redemption Island had zero idea about the social game that tons of Survivor greats have had. He could never win Survivor unless he got a reality check. But I doubt he’ll get that and know he probably won’t get the million dollar check either even if he wound up playing in every season. He would always lose no matter how far he got and were it not for the absolute terribleness of the next three people, he would be number one on this list.

#3 Abi from Philippines and Cambodia is such a bad person, she was rejected by two different casts as a goat to be brought to the end that people could beat. These people just didn’t want someone like her to have made it farther than actually good players. I’ll still never understand how she got enough votes to get into the game over good players like Teresa.

#2 NaOnka from Nicaragua was one of the biggest failures in the game. Some may say that it isn’t dumb to quit the game. But that is the only way to ensure that you lose it. She could have made it to the end, although I doubt she would have won. But instead, she complained about how hard it was to survive outside with the elements like she never watched the show before. To make it as far as she did and still quit makes her a horrible player and I’ll never understand why some people want her back or think that she’ll ever be back.

#1 Brandon from South Pacific and Caramoan will always be the absolute worst player in my mind unless someone even more horrible manages to come along in the future. John Cochran gets all the crap that he did for his dumb move of flipping, but Brandon was the dumbest player that season. I mean, he lied so much and lied about lying. I don’t know how he ever made it as far as he did. But giving up immunity by far was the dumbest thing he did and why Erik gets crap for it while Brandon doesn’t is beyond my understanding. Maybe it’s because he couldn’t have actually won, unlike Erik. Yet some people still think that he could have. I’ll never understand why he was brought back but after a childish temper tantrum, he was voted out by a tribe who couldn’t stand him to the point of given up immunity before they even had a challenge.

That is all for this post. I don’t know whether or not I should have included some of the people who I thought about putting in this post, but decided against doing. Maybe Phillip Shepard should be on this list, but I think that he’ll wind up on other lists with bad players of a different sort. These posts should continue as normal for now until the new season starts. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 Statistics on Deceased Survivor Contestants

Well, every time another contestant from the show dies, I wonder what they have in common with the other contestants who have died. It turns out that there could be a lot. B. B. Andersen and Caleb Bankston both played with Gervase Peterson, for example. The last time that I did this was in 2014. So I might as well add Dan Kay to the list of players who have died and point out what all they have in common. Well, first I’ll mention something that I didn’t the first time I did this and then mention new facts about Dan on his own. Then, I’ll mention how he fits in with Jenn, B. B., and Caleb.

The main thing that I forgot to mention last time was when a contestant died relative to when Survivor was airing. Jenn died during the winter hiatus between Samoa and Heroes versus Villains. B. B. died while Blood versus Water was airing. Caleb died during the summer hiatus after Cagayan while the next season to air, San Juan del Sur, was being filmed. Dan died between the airing of Millennials versus Gen X and Game Changers. There are other things that I forgot to mention but that isn’t too important. I might mention it in future blog posts.

Dan Kay

·         Was the fourth contestant to die.
·         Was the third man from Survivor to die.
·         Was the first contestant from Gabon to die.
·         Was the first person to switch tribes due to a swap to die.
·         Was part of two tribes in his Survivor tenure.
·         Was the second premerge boot to die.
·         Was the first contestant to die of unknown causes.
·         Was voted out due to the double tribal council twist.
·         Was the fourth Caucasian to die.

Similarities between Jenn and Dan

·         Both were eliminated after an alliance had to choose between them or the other person who got votes at that tribal council.
·         Both were on seasons with the double tribal council twist. More interesting is that both were part of the dominate tribes at the time that had not lost an immunity challenge since the people in the game last chose tribes.
·         Both experienced an opening twist where one person on each tribe got temporary immunity, neither winning it themselves.
·         Both were in some way eliminated because of a twist.
·         Both were on a season with Exile Island featured at least once.
·         Both were on seasons with a blue tribe that was the only one they weren’t part of.
·         Both were voted out when a man on their tribe had immunity.
·         Both were on seasons where a person or group of people helped decide who on the other tribe would get immunity.
·         Both died after a season with all new players aired and before a season was about to air with all returning players.
·         Both died during winter.
·         Both were on seasons with a final four fire making tie-breaker.

Similarities between B. B. and Dan

·         Both were voted out before the merge.
·         Both only voted against women.
·         Both were on a yellow tribe at some point.

Similarities between Caleb and Dan

·         Both were part of two different tribes in their careers on the show.
·         Both were on a season that had a tribe swap. Dan switched tribes but Caleb didn’t.
·         Both went to an island that was a major twist to their season. Dan went to Exile Island and Caleb went to Redemption Island.
·         Both were on seasons that had a person voted out on each tribe on one day or night.
·         Both were on tribes that attended the first tribal council.
·         Both always voted with the majority except when they were voted out.
·         Both were voted out 4-3.
·         Both were on seasons with a hidden immunity idol.
·         Both were on seasons that started with a red tribe and a yellow tribe.
·         Both started on a red tribe during the season before being on another tribe.

Similarities between Jenn, B. B., and Dan

·         All are heterosexual.
·         All were on seasons where someone asked to be voted out or otherwise wanted out of the game.
·         All have exit confessionals.
·         All were on seasons with a tie at the final four.

Similarities between Jenn, Caleb, and Dan

·         All were fairly young when they died.
·         All experienced in some way a twist where multiple people were voted out at one time.
·         All attended more than one tribal council.
·         All have witnessed someone else win an individual immunity challenge.
·         All had the chance to win an individual immunity challenge but lost the challenge.
·         All helped eliminate more than one contestant unanimously.
·         All died while Survivor was on hiatus.
·         All helped voted out more than one woman their season.
·         All were on tribes that in some way had to attend tribal council due to the rules of the game when they were voted out. Jenn and Caleb were on merged tribes that have to attend every remaining tribal council and Dan had to attend tribal council due to the double tribal council twist his season.

Similarities between B. B., Caleb, and Dan

·         All are male.
·         All had eliminations covered in the recap of the next episode.
·         All were voted out with a simple majority.
·         All were on seasons with yellow tribes.
·         All had their last vote cast against a woman.

Similarities between all four

·         All were in more than one episode the season they were in.
·         All had at least one person voting with them when they were voted out.
·         All are Caucasian
·       All were eliminated at the first tribal council where they received votes. It is worth noting that B. B. did not last past his first tribal council.
·         All were eliminated at tribal councils where only two people got votes.
·         All were voted out traditionally with their torches being snuffed.
·         All were on seasons with at least one tie vote happening in it.
·     None were considered to be a returning player. Although, this might not have been the case with Jenn, and Caleb never got a chance to be considered since there wasn’t another returning player season until after his death.
·        All only played the game once.

Well, that’s my blog post. I hope that the format isn’t too much messed up when I transfer this from my document to the blog in question. I think that I went through everything I can think of this time around. I guess we’ll see what happens in the future. Also, I scheduled this post for a bit in advance of my last post of the year so if there were any deaths after the season finale aired, I guess that they’ll have to wait until the next time that I do these posts. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Survivor: Heroes versus Healers versus Hustlers Finale

I do wonder know that we are reaching the end just how much of this versus season actually remained in the end of it. I can’t even remember now who all started on what tribe. I think that Mike is the only healer still in the game. And I think that the heroes still might have a player in it. I know that the hustlers are still in this so it is kind of nice that they are all in the finale.

You might wonder what I will do with the time that I spend watching Survivor until it returns. I don’t know for sure what all I’ll do. I don’t think that this show will return until after the Olympics. The date that I have is February 28th on next year. But you might wonder what is happening with the slot during the winter hiatus. The Amazing Race will start out in the slot before moving back an hour to air the rest of its season. I think that Celebrity Big Brother or Undercover Boss will be in its slot the rest of the time. I may be recording other stuff during Lent while I wait for this to start airing.

Something that I’ve randomly wondered some about is the tie-breaker method for the win that Jeff revealed in the last season’s finale. I don’t know if he should have told everyone that. Plus, it only works if there is a two way tie with a finalist either not getting votes or getting minority votes where they wouldn’t win a tie. Due to how they can make a jury, a three-way tie wouldn’t be possible unless it is a final three with nine people on the jury. But since the finalist who won’t win would know he is casting a tie-breaker vote, you’d have to wonder if that is right since they would know the winner as a result. But who knows? A tie might never happen anyways. It has been over ten seasons since the final vote was any close. Plus the final two never did anything to fix that problem.

I do hope that we go back to the normal way of doing the final tribal council. The open forum twist that they did last season just didn’t really seem like it did what it should have. They changed a lot of the show last season given its theme so that is why things are probably more back to normal now. I won’t know for sure until I see the whole episode. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Jeff introduces the show and the finale. I still don’t know if I like these pre reunion show segments since it seems to serve Jeff to give himself more airtime. The final five each get what can best be described as a courtesy confessional at this point, but I’m not going to count it this time. They all talk about how they need to get rid of Ben.  He looks for an idol throughout the night. He is surprised that people aren’t looking with him, but it could go either way with whether or not there is an idol in the game again. Sure enough, he finds an idol.

In the second segment of the show, Chrissy wants to make up with Ben, which she is doing just for the game instead of because she means it. She then offers an idol to take him to the final three, but he sees right through it. But was her request sincere? We get to a challenge and the reward with immunity is food. That seems kind of dumb to offer that AFTER the challenge. It’s interesting the ball part of the challenge that appears at the end. But I guess the producers just wanted to see these contestants handle balls. Chrissy wins the challenge. She gets to pick people for the food reward and she picks Mike and Devon to join her with it and it seems that Ryan doesn't like this.

In the third segment of the show, the people look through the food for an idol clue. They find nothing, although I have the feeling that they would have if Ben didn’t find an idol. Chrissy wants to use her old superidol that has been dead since day four onward. Everyone talks about how brilliant this is or would be if he didn’t already have an idol. “You should waste your energy, I mean, save your energy.” That’s a bit of a fun Freudian slip.

He makes it seem like he bought it and now won’t spend time looking for an idol which he would be doing even though he found it. Ben wonders who to vote out, not thinking that Ryan would be a good person to vote out. He thinks either Devon or Mike should be voted out next. Jeff then talks some to the audience and talks to random people.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the tribal council at hand. Ryan thinks that no one has played an idol before the votes were cast. In Guatemala, that is when you had to and when Gary did. Under the current rules, that hasn’t happened. Chrissy reveals her “idol” to the jury and they actually look like they believe it can still be used. Ben goes along with the idea that he’s going home.

The votes are then cast. Ben plays his real idol while Chrissy tried to do something with her old idol. Devon would have gotten voted out if he hadn’t voted for Mike instead. Devon made a risky move, but it was a good thing to follow his gut this time. Mike gets voted out at the revote. I love how this season has been like a roller coaster with all its twists and turns. There is a twist coming up. Mike thinks that he could have won in the final three. I think that he only could have beaten Devon, which means that he would have lost against whoever the third person was.

Jeff then takes Mike out at the reunion show and talks about his vote out. Mike was going to vote for Devon and if he did, Mike would have stayed. Survivor is knowing when to do the right move and what it is. He knew it, but he didn’t make it because he played it safe and wound up sorry.

In the fifth segment of the show, Devon talks about how he wasn’t expecting tribal council. But he did know and that’s why he didn’t vote for Ben. Everyone else wants to get rid of Ben by winning immunity. But what is this twist? We then get to the final immunity challenge. The challenge is a big bunch of wibbly wobbly, letters spelling stuff. The stuff is the word heroes, healers, and hustlers. I don’t really like the challenges where people can lose their progress easily. It seems really dumb for a final immunity challenge. What happened to the endurance challenge? Chrissy ends up winning due to mistakes by Ben that happen twice in a way. Will Ben get voted out? I know some spoilers, although I won’t tell them to you until they happen.

In the sixth segment of the show, Ben is bummed that he didn’t win immunity. He is probably more bummed that he can’t just find another idol to use. Chrissy says that she’s considering keeping him in the game, but she doesn’t know for sure if she really will. She learns that she is casting the only vote by choosing who to keep and the other two will face off and make fire.

This seems like possible production manipulation to ensure that the vote off isn’t obvious like it would have been otherwise. You shouldn’t be able to force a fire making tie. But at least it would happen even if Ben won. Devon practices some, but not too much due to the flint breaking. Bob won Gabon through practicing a challenge like this. I don’t think that saving your energy would work.

In the seventh segment of the show, we get to the tribal council. Not much is talked about before it gets to the reveal of the twist that only Ben and the jury didn’t know. She picks her buddy Ryan to go to the final three via a voice vote. How many people have cast a voice vote? It sure doesn’t happen much. The people that I know that did that were Tom in Palau, the favorites in Caramoan, the people who voted out Jeff Varner last season, and now Chrissy.

In the eighth segment of the show, we get to the fire making challenge. Devon struggles the whole time while Ben ends up winning. Why did people think that Devon would be good in a challenge? I just know that Chrissy sticking with Ryan makes the most sense. Jeff says that the twist will appear again next season. Quit changing the game all the time!

In the ninth segment of the show, Ryan is glad that he made it this far and thinks that he can convince the jury that he was in control of the game even though he really wasn’t. We get thoughts on the final three and I do believe that it is one of the best we’ve had in the game. They are all deserving in some way of the win. All can be villainous and yet seem likable. It looks like they are doing the twist that they did at the last tribal council. Why must good things change?

Total confessional count: Devon- 29, Ryan- 37, Mike- 24, Ben- 48, Chrissy- 37. New confessionals this episode: Ben- 7, Chrissy- 8, Devon- 4, Ryan- 2, Mike- 2.

In the tenth segment of the show, the go with the outwit portion of the game. Desi feels that Ryan does not really belong there because he didn’t do much to get there. That’s the problem with a quiet game like the one he has is that no one really knew what he was doing. Ryan thinks that Devon was a person that he used to his advantage. Joe talks about Ben’s horrible social game. Ben might be too much like Russell Hantz for his own good. Only I’d actually be okay with Ben winning. Chrissy feels that she stayed loyal to her alliances and not just make one huge move after another.

Cole talks about the whole peanut butter thing that I don’t even remember. When did this happen? Ryan thinks that he was nicer to Cole then Ben was. I can’t keep track of everything that is going on here in this which is why the format is bad.

Next is the outplay part of the game. He likes the fact that Chrissy won challenges and that Ben played idols, but can’t see what Ryan did. The show gets a bit like The McLaughlin Group in a way. People like that Chrissy won challenges, but that’s not all Survivor is. Ryan has to talk about his moves and that he made stuff with the idol. Why do people think that Ben’s idols are so good? People do think that it is a dumb decision to keep him in the game for so long. That’s a recurring theme throughout this season so it makes me wonder since I don’t know for sure who won just yet.

Last is the outlast portion of the game. Ryan doesn’t think that anyone dragged him here, although he did technically get an assist from Chrissy. Ben thinks that everyone on the jury was a hurtle to the win. He is told to tell us why he should win. Chrissy gives a speech on all she did to get to where she is now. Like I said before, I just cannot keep track of everything. Jeff gets a person in the audience to cast a random and probably meaningless vote for one of the three finalists. I guess the lesson that someone should learn here is that if you are in the audience at the finale, wear a buff.

In the eleventh segment of the show, we get to the votes that are cast. There’s at least one for Ben and another for Ryan. There’s one for Chrissy as well. But how many votes besides these ones will each person get? I honestly don’t know who could win and wonder if it might be a tie. Surely that random person wouldn’t have cast a tie-breaker, right? There won’t be a three way tie so it could be someone who won’t be part of the tie, if there is one. Ben is the winner. We get to a recap of Ben’s time on the game, which seems like a really weird thing to do, but whatevs.

In the twelfth segment of the show, we finally get to the real reunion show, which I think is late. Chrissy talks about the first challenge and losing her job to play Survivor. I’d have to not have a job to pick this show over it. Ryan talks about how he did the game. We get more about PTSD here. Jeff has marine buddies of Ben show up at the reunion show. They talk about what he has done.

In the thirteenth segment of the show, Jeff wanted this to be the season of secrets but no one could keep a secret. The fourth season of NCIS was the season of secrets. It is good to keep secrets in this game. Lauren regrets her move with the shell. But this is a hint about next season.

In the fourteenth segment of the show, they will come up with something for the next season that speaks to the past seasons. They show a montage of bad decisions made by players. It will be called Ghost Island and have new players. How are they doing this? Why not use returning players? I guess that I don’t understand all this. The season premiere is February 28th.

In the fifteenth segment of the show, Jeff reminds people to go to casting. If I knew that there weren’t people still recruited as new players, then I’d know that casting is the best thing. There isn’t much to this segment except the end of the episode.

Points at reunion show: Katrina- 0, Simone- 0, Patrick- 0, Alan- 0, Roark- 0, Ali- 0, Jessica- 0, Desi- 0, Cole- 0, JP- 0, Joe- 0, Lauren- 1, Ashley- 0, Mike- 0, Devon- 0, Ryan- 1, Chrissy- 1, Ben- 1.

Ladies and gentlemen, this had to have been the shortest reunion show ever. Why can’t they be an hour long like they used to be? Did we really need segments after Mike and Devon’s eliminations when they could have just been talked to at the reunion show as normal? We got more out of the players from Caramoan’s fucking reunion show than this one. Get rid of these stupid pre reunion show segments that always cut into what should be the reunion show because there is no reason why random people in the audience should get to speak instead of fourteen of the players. Maybe I should count Mike and Devon for getting to talk, but I think that Jeff is changing too much to give himself more airtime. I’d rather see a different host than one who keeps wrecking the reunion show like this.

What are my thoughts on next season? Well, it is hard to tell without seeing it for sure just how much it would work out. Why do this sort of thing with all new players? Or are there some returning players? SPOILER. I heard that they might be using some like Jeremiah from Cagayan in some season filmed in Belize. I don’t know if that is what Survivor 37 will be or what could happen regarding that. It could just be a rumor because you wouldn’t think they’d start filming a new season until sometime into the airing of the fall season. That’s how they typically do it nowadays, I believe. I heard of other returning players besides him, but I can’t remember who they are. END SPOILER. I guess that I won’t know for sure what will happen until it happens, you know?

Now it is time for the end of the season awards. Let’s start with the three dumbest moves of the season. The bronze will go to Joe for his overall craziness that got him voted out. The silver will go to Lauren for giving half of her idol to Mike. And the gold will go to the people who kept Ben around and let him get every idol that he could.

When it comes time for the breakout character of the season, I think that the person who should get it will be Ryan for being pretty much a joy to watch this season. It’s a shame that we got more out of him than the other players did.

As for the most memorable moment of the season, it hands down has to be the tribal council at the final seven where different crazy moves went down. If I ever do updated versions of random posts that I’ve done in the past, you can bet that that tribal council will be on my top ten.

You may have noticed some confusion personally when I have ranked tribe swaps in the past. I have four less swaps ranked now than there were. But I do plan on changing them as time goes on by adding what I don’t have. Out of the 25 swaps that I have mentioned right now, I’ll list this season’s as 4th best. As for the ranking of this season versus the other 35, I’d put it as 17th best.

Well, there’s not much else to add to this post other than when this blog will be updated. If I do random posts, for as long as I do them, they will be on Wednesdays. That’s how things will start with them in the first place, should something change. They will stay there until the next season starts at which point this blog will be moved back to Thursdays. If I wind up with a past season on DVD for Christmas, then I will blog about it on Sundays. If I do that before the next season starts, you will see those posts instead of random posts. I might also get a second old season posted on Fridays. We’ll see what all happens with that. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Episode 35.12

If I get an old Survivor season for Christmas, be on the lookout for posts on Sundays. If I get two old Survivor seasons for Christmas, then be on the lookout for posts on Sundays and Fridays. Of course, it is possible that I won’t get anything Survivor related for Christmas. Just know that after the season finale, I’ll do random posts on Wednesday unless I have an old season to blog about, which will appear the other days as already mentioned. I might have to buy it for myself if I don’t get it for Christmas. We’ll see what happens regarding that front. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, the tribe returns after tribal council. Who thought it was better than their idol play? Ben is the only person with a good idol play yet this season. Everyone agrees to vote out Ben next. Will they be able to? Ben looks for another idol. He should at least wait until daytime, right? But he shouldn’t look for it in the same way. But maybe he doesn’t know that every idol has been found in a different way thus far.

In the second segment of the show, we get to the reward challenge which is a pairs challenge. They must want to see who will have to work with Ben. He is with Ashley. Ryan is with Mike. This makes Devon and Chrissy the last pair. Mike and Ryan struggle a lot with the challenge. In the end, they are all pretty much about even in the ring throwing stage. Devon and Chrissy win. They get to take a person with them and take Ryan. Ashley thinks that Chrissy clearly controlled the choice and is surprised in some way for some reason about all of this.

In the third segment of the show, Mike thinks that they should pander to him since he is in the middle and people are upset that he went on the reward. Ben tries to get in the middle of these people. Mike thinks that Ben won’t find an idol because he couldn’t find one either. But you should never feel sure that you’ll know what will happen next in Survivor. We then see the people on the reward who want to make a final three alliance. But who would they use as their fourth vote? Chrissy wants to get rid of Ashley at some point. Survivor isn’t just knowing what moves to make, but when to make them too. That is why Ciera got into trouble in Blood versus Water for flipping a vote too late.

In the fourth segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge. They kind of made it obvious in the challenge set up explanation that they were showing a member of the dream team and not a person in the game right now. What would happen if the ladder got stuck on its way down for a contestant? You’d think that they’d have to pause the challenge to sort it out or it would be unfair. Chrissy wins the challenge on the same platform she once had trouble at earlier in the game back in the first episode of the season.

In the fifth segment of the show, Ben thinks that he’s the target. Still, he looks for an idol and is okay with everyone talking amongst themselves about who to vote out. If he were there, it wouldn’t seem like they wouldn’t get rid of him as easily. Chrissy wants to get rid of Ashley, but if she does this, it could lead to Ben to finding an idol. Don’t give him more time to do that. Ben finds the clue for an idol. He knows where the idol is but needs people clear of the camp area. Did he get it? We don’t know. We are lead to believe that he didn’t get it, but he might not be the target anyways.

We get to tribal council next. Did Ashley somehow cause herself to be a target? It seems that five out of the six players have a final three deal. Things aren’t always as they seem on Survivor. It is hard to tell what is going on here, but that can be a good thing. Ben pulls out his idol that is probably real. There is more Russell Hantz in Ben that I would like. Ben wants people to vote out Mike. Can he play it before the votes are cast? That has to be against the rules. Ben thinks that he has succeeded in his mission to cause chaos in the game. But would people vote for him now? Ashley is voted out. I can’t tell if Ben wasted his idol or made sure no one voted for him because of it.

On the next Survivor, the season finale happens. There is a secret advantage yet again. Why? I just don’t get it. You are going way too overboard on that. Please, don’t ever do a season again with a secret advantage if you will just use them way too often like this. You better not be doing the twist where a person gets to vote off a jury member. That was a monstrosity before and if it happens again, I will be most annoyed.

Total confessional count: Chrissy- 29, Ashley- 21, Devon- 25, Ryan- 35, Mike- 22, Ben- 41. New confessionals this episode: Mike- 2, Ben- 7, Chrissy- 4, Ashley- 2, Devon- 3, Ryan- 2.

Ashley had two new confessionals this episode, the same number as Mike and Ryan. Everyone else is higher with Ben as the highest with seven. As for total confessionals, Ashley had twenty-one, the lowest of anyone still in the game. Mike is second lowest with twenty-two. The highest is Ben with forty-one. The second highest is Ryan with thirty-five. The third highest is Chrissy with twenty-nine.

I have no idea who will win this. It could be Ryan, Ben, or Chrissy. I don’t think that it will be Devon or Mike. I kind of like not knowing what will happen sometimes. Just as long as I understand why things went the way they did, I should be okay with whatever happens next. Anyways, I’ll be back next week with the finale episode, hopefully soon into the day if I can do it as early as I’m wanting to. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Episode 35.11

Now is the point where things get confusing with me keeping track of confessional counts. I don’t know how I’ll keep changing them, but I’m sure that I’ll find a way. I have a sort of process with it, but that’s not really something people besides me care about, now is it?

I realize that whenever Elementary returns, I’ll want to put that blog on Thursdays. But I can’t do that if this blog is on Thursdays. I also don’t think that I can do that if that show returns on Thursdays, but I have no idea at the moment when it might return with new episodes. I just know that it got additional episodes ordered for this upcoming season. If I had to guess, they might put it on Sundays again when Wisdom of the Crowd probably ends its run sometime soon.

Some of the midseason schedule on CBS has been released. It includes the fact that Survivor 36 will start on February 28th. It also has the dates of the probably short season of Celebrity Big Brother. Right now, I’m only going to watch it if it has alumni from CSI: Cyber or The Good Wife. It just seems like it would be too complicated for me to try to watch outside of the summer.

Things could be different for me if I get either Survivor: Gabon or Survivor: Blood versus Water as gifts for Christmas. I could wind up getting them both. I do want them both as gifts. I’m pretty sure that they are both out on DVD now. I know that Blood versus Water wasn’t out for a bit, but maybe it is now. Keep in mind that things would change for this blog if I get either or both on DVD. I might need to buy them for myself soon if I don’t get it as a gift. But enough of my ramblings.

In the first segment of the show, Mike talks about what happened and how he wasn’t expecting it. Ryan thinks that things went well in some way despite all that happened. Maybe he was being sarcastic in a way and I didn’t understand it. We then get to the reward challenge. It is a loved ones challenge. Also, when they ask who they want to see, how awkward would it be if they said a person who wasn’t there? These reunions always take a long time.

Is this a challenge? What’s with the rock drawing? Of all the dumb challenges! That wasn’t even a real challenge! Chrissy wins the challenge and picks her allies of Ryan and Mike to join her, with Ashley as the third choice. She wants to punish Ben for the fight from earlier, which seemed kind of dumb.

In the second segment of the show, Chrissy wants to switch Ashley to their side. Will Ashley be easy to break? She knows that Chrissy is doing, but still considers the offer. Ben makes a fake idol. It would be funny to me if he accidently switched it with the real idol. Lauren thinks that Ben is making things too personal in the game with his vendetta against Chrissy. Lauren then finds half of an idol. They’ll never stop doing these tricks with idols, will they?

In the third segment of the show, we get to the immunity challenge and they show us where the shell is that is hiding the second half of the idol. People have to hold a disk in order to win the challenge. Ben is out of the challenge first, followed by Chrissy. Ryan is then out. Lauren is out next, where she finds the shell that was right next to her station. Mike is then out of the challenge. Devon talks his way out of the challenge giving Ashley the win. Lauren thinks that she knows what will happen next.

In the fourth segment of the show, Ashley is in a great position and thinks that now might be the time to flip. Only Ben has an idol so this could cause problems. He thinks that he figures out that he’s the target. Now it seems like Ben wants to flip. He tells Mike about Lauren’s idol. But will Chrissy work with Ben? I don’t know what will happen. Ben tries to make amends with Chrissy who wants to put the target on Lauren. Did Lauren get the kiss of death confessional? Ben even told Chrissy about Lauren’s extra vote and idol. Lauren then hears from Devon that Ben is planning on blindsiding her. Lauren gives Mike part of her idol. But I think that she can reclaim it if she wants to. Can she? I guess we’ll see.

In the fifth segment of the show, we get to the tribal council. Things quickly turn out against people. It seems like the “core” four are now all against each other. Lauren thinks that she can’t use the advantage right now, but I have no idea if she did that or not. Mike threw his part of the real idol in the fire. Ben revealed his fake idol. There is so much craziness happening here and I’m loving it. The jury is loving it too. What is going on? Chrissy doesn’t want to get rid of Ben. I can’t even write what is all going on here. I have no guess as to what might happen. Ben plays his real idol. He would have gotten a majority of the votes. In fact, he would have gotten all of the votes. His sole vote against Lauren gets rid of her. Does anyone know who would have gotten voted out if Lauren was immune too?

On the next Survivor, people are afraid of Ben, but Chrissy might want to work with him. It would seem that whatever beef exists between them is going away just as easily. I don’t know what to even think about this season anymore. At least it seems good in some way. But it is seeming too crazy. And here I was thinking that crazy was good.

Total confessional count: Ben- 34, Chrissy- 25, Ashley- 19, Devon- 22, Lauren- 27, Ryan- 33, Mike- 20. New confessionals this episode: Ryan- 2, Mike- 3, Ben- 2, Chrissy- 3, Ashley- 2, Devon- 2, Lauren- 3.

In terms of new confessionals, Lauren had three, tied for the highest with Mike and Chrissy. The only people lower were Ryan, Ben, Ashley, and Devon, the only other people still in the game, who all had two confessionals this episode. As for total confessionals, Lauren had twenty-seven, which is higher than Chrissy, Ashley, Devon, or Mike, with Ashley as the lowest with nineteen. Everyone else is about thirty with Ben as the highest with thirty-four. Now can Ben still win this or are people going to get rid of him? Who all can even win this still? I guess we’ll see what happens as this season comes to an end. For now, this is Adam Decker, signing off.